Smiling again!

Good things are happening!

       1. I jogged again today! for 15 minutes 2:1 intervals, jogging between 4.4 & 5.5 (which is my typical treadmill speed) and recovering at 3.5. It felt soooo good to get moving like this again. I am going to look into a 5k for August or late July. Even if I walk/run, I know I will make it & it will feel so good to get back to racing.

        2. I have a follow up appt at the surgeons today, so hopefully I will be able to return to work Monday! It may be for half days, and I have been enjoying this time off, but I miss my coworkers, I miss helping my patients. I am already dreaming up the wonderful stroke patients and treatments I will get to do when I return. Of course I know it is very stressfull at work right now with our staffing, but I think my time off has made me much more relaxed.

       3.I'm getting back on track with my eating. After a stressful friday, and crying filled weekend with too many drinks and nibbles, I didnt track. In fact, I havent tracked since Friday. Today I am tracking again, had a good workout and am ready to move forward .

      4. After our talk on Tuesday about a fresh start, things have been better with Kevin. He called me out of the blue Wednesday night after golf, then again this morning on his way to work. He asked me to go to Cirq du soliel with him saturday night and I said yes.  I miss him & I'm ready for things to get back on track.

I haven't cried since Monday, and I'm just feeling so much better about everything. Now I need to refocus on my clean eating and weightloss. wish me luck! p.s. Today is WI day, but since I haven't been focusing, I'm going to give myself a day of focus before WI so I don't get discouraged & give up. look for results tomorrow!

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Steph said...

Great job on getting it back together!