Facebook status = ?

::Sigh:: I really wanted this blog to be about running & weight loss, but my relationship drama seems to have taken a front seat.

This morning I go on facebook, as usual and check my messages, notifications, etc. Kevin said he was posting a thing on meat to my wall because I was going to pick up some meat to grill for him for dinner tonight. I notice that our anniversary date is removed from my page. I then also notice that he no longer has a relationship status on his page. HE REMOVED ME. I mean, I guess he didn't put he was single, or that its complicated, but he just erased (he said Hid) me away from his profile. I was so upset, I called him & he called me back & told me he just wanted to keep things private. He removed his birthdate year, our relationship, etc because he didn't think it was anyone's business. Umm helloooo our status has been on facebook for the past 5 years, and now all the sudden you decide you want it private? WHO CARES if people know we're in a relationship, everyone knows already. We fought on the phone for 30 min, he said if it was that big a deal he would put it back. I mean seriously, how did he think I would react. He didn't even let me know, I found out by looking at his profile. Am I over reacting here?

Work was tough, my foot is killing me, I think I'm going to go swimming for a little bit & lay out since its GORGEOUS outside. We are grilling tonight for dinner, then staying in before an early morning to Vermont tomorrow.


Lindsay said...

I think I'd be kind of upset too, especially since like you said it was never a big deal before. I'm sorry things are kind of crummy right now. I hope your trip to Vermont goes well!!!

Heather said...

Considering all he's put you through, I really don't think you are over reacting. For somebody who loves you, he is sure tentative with you. :( I wanna fwack him on the nose for you!

Gil said...

I'd be extremely upset too. I'm sorry you are going through this.