Who ya gonna call?


Kevin & I at the party!

The party was a total success. After a day off on friday to clean & prepare, and skipping my run saturday to fit in everything that needed to get done, we were ready to go. The house was decorated, dry ice & beer bought, and all the food was put together. Kevin had worked wicked hard on our proton packs, they looked awesome, and I painted & put the patches on our shirts. We were really for an amazing time!

Some of the decorations (cant see the bloody handprints in this picture)

Veggie platter with finger dip

Spooky 7 Layer dip

Bat Cookies

Worm jello shots

Witches Brew

We had a good crowd show up, played some successful party games, flip cup, beer pong, and smashed the pinata successfully. Everyone went home with a goodie bag & my friends K & I went home with the best costume award!

All my work girls

Candy corn toss game


Success! Awesome party, I didn't make it to bed until 2am (way past my bedtime of 9pm!) We slept in until 10 or so, then made breakfast & did some cleaning. Since I hadn't made it out yesterday for my 9 mile run, I really wanted to get it in today. I knew after multiple cocktails last night and a late bedtime, I may not make it. But I felt good last night before bedtime, and started with drinking powerade when I got up in the morning. I hydrated & fueled, and was feeling like I may make it out for my run! A quick weather report check showed me if I didn't get out there, I ran the risk of getting caught in the rain. I got dressed, and told my roomie I may be calling her to come pick me up.

Now I know several of you warned me against this, but I was feeling pretty good. I was wearing my new CEP running socks (hint, full review & giveaway to follow soon!), and a longsleeve top. It was chilly, a few sprinkles, but no major rain thank goodness. I decided that I would go nice and slow, because of my post party status and walk whenever I needed, not really caring about pace, just making sure to get the distance in. Off I went, slow & steady. I don't have a garmin (on my wishlist), and have a horrible memory so I had no idea how far along I was as I traveled. 

I was feeling pretty good, then between miles 3-4 my right knee was aching, so I slowed down and walked a little. Right before mile 5, I took some sport beans, then as I was chugging along slowly, another runner came up behind me and passed me & flew right by. I was a little discouraged, but told myself that there are plenty of people faster than me and I kept going. Mile 7, I saw a runner on the opposite side of the road, we waved and it picked me up a little. Miles 7-9 were not bad as I made the familiar loop back home. I finished in 2 hours and 43 seconds, a horrible 13:18 pace, but I was just happy to have gotten in those 9 miles. My major fail was forgetting my glide! I had the worst chub rub which I think was a contributing factor to the frequent walk breaks.

Looks like the Disney Princess Half Marathon may be a go! We talked about making a girls weekend of it last night, and so far 3 of us are in. We're going to try and see who else wants in, then book our airline tickets and start looking into disney timeshare rentals near the race start.

Time to relax! oh ya, and finish cleaning the house!


Aimee said...

It sounds like you had a great party! Yay!

Good job on getting your run in. I don't know if I would have made it!

Rae said...

Love your costumes!