Sunday Sox Day!

Soooo sunday was a planned fun day to the last Red Sox game of the season. Know what I did? I stepped on the scale before I left. I saw a good number (183.5!), which made me want to stay in control on game day & not ruin my hard work. It was a good motivator to not screw up.

Before leaving, I wanted to get in a quick ride. Brrr was it cold! I wore my long sleeve disney half shirt with a zip up jacket & cycling shorts. 4 miles in, my toes were numb & I was wishing I had my winter gloves instead of my cycling gloves.  I made it the whole 12 miles, and jumped right into the shower to warm up & thaw out at home.

It made me start wondering about cold weather clothing. Living in New England, we get a TON of cold weather & snow. Now, normally I am the girl who skips runs outdoors if it is too cold or snowing. I want that to change this year. So now, I need the appropriate gear so I don't freeze to death. I get cold very easily in the winter, so I need stuff to keep me warm, but not overheated. I already have my running tights, but I'm wondering about socks, tops, arm sleeves?, and I would LOVE a face warmer lol What are your suggestions for keeping warm on outdoor runs in fall/winter?

I know I'm a runner since I look forward to buying running clothes, more than regular ones.

Sox game was awesome! I stayed on track with only 2 beers at Boston Beer Works, and a chicken sandwich & sweet potato fries for lunch/dinner. Best of all, the Sox beat the Yankees & we got to run the bases after the game!

Down on the field
My fabulous shirt that finally fits!

Tonight I did a Jillian Michael's 30 day shred DVD, and made the most fabulous low cal mac & cheese I've ever tasted (I'll post that recipe tomorrow). Planning a morning run tomorrow at the gym, wish me luck at waking up!


Carly said... you must live sort of near me (I'm in ME right now finishing school, but I'm from southern NH). Maybe we'll have to do a run together this winter. :-) And I think I'm going to do a post this week about winter running gear because someone else was just asking about this!

Stephanie Anne said...

Im in western mass, not too far away! a run would be fab!

Anonymous said...

I <3 the red sox!! :)

Jana said...

I would like to run outside when its cold... but I am nervous about it.. I mean what if i slip on ice or something.


I am from So MN

The Green Girl said...

Girl, you are too cute with your t-shirt! Congratulations on fitting in it! ::high fives::