This week Kevin & I have been trying to decide on a halloween costume idea. We've come up with a few clever ideas in the past, pregnant Britney & K-fed, wonder woman & superman, 80s rocker & groupie, but this year we were stumped! My best ideas were John Mayer & Jennifer Anniston, Hugh Hefner & a playboy bunny, ghostbusters, or legends of the hidden temple. I was really pulling for John Mayer & Jen, but I got veto'd and it looks like we'll be ghostbusters this year. We decided to throw a halloween party at my house, I'm a little nervous that it will be lame since themed parties are usually not my thing. Any suggestions are much appreciated!!

I haven't gone for a run or to the gym since tuesday, I'm feeling better & I'm looking forward to trying out my Yurbuds that I won over at Forward Foot Strides. Not too crazy of a run, since I want to do well at my first 5K back at racing this saturday in Hartford. Kevin decided to sign up and I am totally excited & proud of him! Since online registration is closed, he's heading down tomorrow after work to register and pick up my race packet. Hopefully we have nice weather on saturday!

Today was my weigh in day & I am down to 183, which is -1.5 pounds! Very exciting, especially since I felt as thought I worked hard at staying in control at the Sox game. Now I need to keep at it, so I can kick these 180s goodbye!

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"I'd like to think the best of me, is still hiding up my sleeve" John Mayer, no such thing

p.s. I have a John Mayer obsession, he is my celebrity "free pass". Does anyone else have one of those?


Genesis said...

ghostbusters is cool. is he gonna be the big marshmallow? lol.

music always keeps a party going. if you want a theme go with movie pairs so you can roll with the ghostbusters...if people get stumped tell them ninja turtles, spiderman, etc...you could also do door prizes for creative costumes, etc...

Carly said...

Ugh, I am so terrible at coming up with costume ideas, so I am no help.
Good luck at your race on Saturday!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

So happy I have kids so my focus is on their costumes. Have a great race Saturday.

track coach and adorable wife said...

Yeah I am no help on party ideas, I have kids so my Halloween parties have everyone dressed up but they are totally lame, cheesy, Good Housekeeping style! Sorry. I love your past costumes though!

Kandy Halloween said...

There will be over 1,000 beautiful women there in costume lingerie, raring to have a good time. There will be the world renown Tiesto, a DJ who plays to crowds up to 250,000. There will be unbelievable d├ęcor, lighting, and sound effects.