My first Long Run

since my training began for New Orleans anyways. My friend Angie & I made a running date for 8 miles on saturday afternoon, but she ended up car shopping. So we rescheduled for this morning, an early run at 7:30am. It was cold out, around 40, I wasn't really sure what to wear. What do you wear in 40 degree weather? I went with my running tights & shorts, and a longsleeve top that I ended up pushing the sleeves up on. I started with gloves because my hands were frozen, but ended up tucking them into my fuel belt. WOW what a difference having a running partner makes! It was great to chat to pass the time, and have someone I felt like I needed to catch up with and not wimp out on. I was able to stay up with her for probably about 7 miles until I started dropping back. I could see her, and wasn't too far away though. I still can't believe I made it through the 8 miles, since I haven't done that since the Disney Half last year, and the most I've run since surgery is 5 really tough miles. I'm sore, and hoping it doesn't get worse for tomorrow.

Yesterday I ended up going for a ride in the afternoon since we changed our running plans. I did my usual 12 mile loop, but it was so windy I almost got blown off my bike a few times! I made sure to wear my headband & gloves to keep warm. I can't wait for the toe warmers I won from Tech-Tri to come in so my toes will stop going numb!

We did some planning for our halloween party today. My coworker brought me in 2 HUGE buckets of decorations to borrow, then my roomate & I hit Walmart, & I Party to buy some other fun stuff. We picked out what we're going to make a serve for cocktails, and what games we're going to play. I took friday off from work so I can give the house a good cleaning and work on decorating for the party. I have to work at my per diem job on saturday morning & the party is this saturday night. So excited!!

My plan is to do a little cross-training & weight-training tomorrow, and my speedwork tuesday. I'm ready to start week 2 of my training!


Jana said...

It was cold when ran this am too. I wish I would have a long sleeve T. Instead I had a sweatshirt. I was to hot with it on and to cold with it off. I think a long sleeve T would have been perfect.

Aimee said...

Yay for 8 miles! That's awesome!

I have some toe warmers too and I love them. They are perfect for those cold, windy days.

WhyWait said...

Nice win!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Nice job on the long run! I really need to get some better cold weather gear! Good luck with your party, I am starting to prepare for mine too!