Making christmas lists....

Christmas is 74 days away. I like to start my shopping early, and make my list early so my loved ones can find everything on my wishlist.

So far I have my eye on.....

A Garmin watch! I would really love one with some pink in it. I think it would be awesome to see my pace and mileage as I run. Any recommendations?

Some Running skirts! How cute! Not sure how I'll actually look in one, but I plan on buying one, and asking for more if I like them. 


Some cold weather running gear. Jackets, tops, maybe more pants. I really want a reflective jacket of some sort since I know it can be kind of dreary in the new england winter months. I like the Brooks Women's LSD Lite Jacket, Nightlife that I found on amazon.

Brooks Women's LSD Lite Jacket, Nightlife, Large

A bike trainer! I'm not sure how many people actually have or use these, but what a great way to keep at it during the winter months. I've never seen people cycling in the winter, so I'm guessing that they move it indoors?

I want some inspirational jewelry and cool running shirts. I love the jewelry at Jessica's Gifts & am looking for places to find some cool running t-shirts or tanks in tech fabric or regular old cotton. Know a great place? Please post me the link!

A bike computer. My bike shop told me they sell wireless ones for $45, and they'll hook it up for me. I'd love this for all the same reasons I'd like a garmin. I think I'm definitely getting my brother one as his christmas present.

Can you think of anything I'm leaving off my list?

In other updates, I did my first training run today! Very tough for the first week of an 18 week training plan. 10 min warmup with 12 x 400m @ 6.2mph with 90 sec rest intervals. Was DYING by the time number 8 rolled around. Made it through sticking exactly to plan and was very proud since it ended up being my longest post-surgery run! 

I made a running date for this weekend with an old coworker I haven't seen/talked to in years! I randomly saw her as she was running the Hartford Half Marathon and I was cheering people on waiting for my brother to past. We shared a few messages on facebook, and are planning an 8 miler for saturday afternoon. I have only run with people 4 times in my life. Once for a training run, for my first half marathon, my first 10k, and coaching my brother through the disney half last year. She said she's not much of a talker, but likes someone to tell her to suck it up & keep going. Little does she know, that she will be saying those things to me! I'm going to map out the run later tonight during Biggest Loser commercials.

Tomorrow is a cross-training day on the schedule. I'm going to do a little warm-up on the elliptical, and follow it with some strength training since I haven't done any in FOREVER (unless you count the one time I did 30 day shred). My goal this week is to stretch more! I feel so tight, and my foam roller is under used. Most of the time I just roll around on the sore, tight spots, but I want to post some pictures the way you are *supposed* to use it. That means I need to do a little more homework!

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track coach and adorable wife said...

So would you like me to send you my Christmas list so you can get started now, he he he! But really I am needing a Garmin too since apparently I cannot be trusted to plan out runs. Also, we just got a trainer, its the Cycleops mag one, couldn't afford the fluid, and Jesse rode it for over an hour while watching House last night. Tonight is my turn during Biggest Loser. I will do a full report later, but I think they are kind of must for rainy season!

Jaime said...

I like having a bike trainer although I don't use it as much as I should. I go to the spin classes at the gym- they aren't the same but it makes me forget I own a trainer.
I would love a garmin too! Since you are marathon training it will be great! I am worried I don't run enough.

my exercise list so far: swim flippers, xterra wetsuit, garmin (maybe), new Pearl Izumi bike shorts, new swimsuit (tyr)

The Green Girl said...

How fun, you are already putting together your list!

Carly said...

I have the Garmin 305. I got it as a wedding gift from the hubs. He got it off Amazon (way cheaper!) and I love that thing. They also sell a cadence monitor for it so you can use it while riding your bike. I have a bike computer as well and have tested them against each other and they are about the same and I don't have the cadence monitor for the Garmin, if that makes sense. And I want a running skirt too. Maybe I'll ask for one for x-mas. :-P

Julia said...

I have been obsessively checking your blog for your giveaway! lol!

I totall suggest the garmin405CX, it's pricey but definitely worth it!

Kayla said...

I would love so many things on your list...including a running skirt, garmin, jessica's gifts jewelery. If only money grew on trees :)