All signed up!

Yesterday was the Hartford Marathon, Half & 5K. I was really hoping for a good time, but I guess my endurance just isn't back to par yet since my surgery. I finished in 32 & change, still waiting for the official time on the race site. Kevin finished about 2 minutes after me, I was so proud of him, especially since I don't think he has ever run 3 miles in his life (I swear those long legs make him much faster). The race course was much improved since years past when I've run. Quite a bit of downhills, and nice scenery instead of the scary ghetto of Hartford. My brother ran the Half, finished about 15 min past his target time, he hasn't been feeling well the past week & I think he did the best he could have. Unfortunately I brought my camera, but forgot my camera battery in the charger at home, so I am without pictures!

Today I signed up for 2 races! A turkey trot on thanksgiving in Manchester, CT which is 4.5 miles and the Rock N Roll New Orleans Half Marathon in february 2011! Courtney @ Run Courtney Run gave me a coupon code for $20 off, so I jumped at the chance! I researched a few other races for the year too. I found the website for The Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC in April. My friend Jessie @ Kissing Frogs ran it I *think* last year and I think it looks like a fabulous time. And of course the main plan is for the Disney Marathon (my first marathon!) in January 2012! I love using running as an excuse to travel to new places!

I am thinking more and more about cold weather running gear. Specifically on shoes. Do you put anything on the bottoms of your sneakers to keep from slipping on ice/snow? Any jacket recommendations? I also am reallly wanting a running skirt! After seeing a few ladies with them on at Hartford, I want one even more. I really love the pink plaid skirt @ Running Skirts, but they are out of my size! Anyone have any other recommendations?

Don't forget my Bondi Band giveaway! I rocked my Bondi Band in Hartford yesterday. Enter HERE until October 13th!


Aimee said...

Yay for signing up for races! I need to get my race schedule figured out soon!
I have a skirt sports skirt that I really like! You might check them out!

The Green Girl said...

Bondi Bands rule!

And yeay for race registrations, so exciting!

Carly said...

I'm thinking about doing a Thanksgiving race too! Should be fun!

track coach and adorable wife said...

I just signed up for my first half, the Seattle RnR in June! So cool that you are doing one too! I am so jealous you are doing a Disney Run! That would be a big dream of mine!