TRX & a winner

This week, I'm switching things up.
After a discussion with Krystal (@ Bia Fitness), I've decided to make the switch from bootcamp classes to TRX. I fell in love with TRX the first time I used it, and I'm so excited to start a class solely dedicated to using it to tone up. Krystal is so excited I'm switching. She feels like it is an excellent way to get my strengthening in for running, she uses it herself while training for marathons.

My abs are still sore from the plank walks, and knee tucks on thursday. I'm not sure if its because my abs are just incredibly weak, or if the TRX is just that badass. Those sore abs however, did lead me to make some smart decisions (like a salad at On the Border, and practically no alcohol or food at my party last night). I  am feeling skinny this week and love it! I guess thats what happens when you actually count points and eat smarter?

Do you try switching up your workouts?

The winner of the Sparkly Soul headbands is Roxylytte!
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Anonymous said...

I am just learing to change it up and branch out my workouts. Running alone is not enough to reach my goals. I've been adding a little different cardio activities and also some weight machines. I don't know if I love the machines though and have been thinking about a TRX class. There is a half hour express class on T/Th mornings which should be doable. It's really hard for me to try the classes, though. I'm so shy and it's holding me back.

Jenn said...

Whenever I start feeling like I'm getting a little complacent I have to change it up. I'm really bad about strength training and core work (who isn't?) so finding new ways to get that in is a big must. I'm excited to see how you like TRX!! We're just starting to get some of that here. Looks intense!