I'm back from a Diva Weekend!

I can't wait to recap the Diva Half for you... I had a blast!
HUGE medal & Double fisting the champagne!

And despite a twingy knee at mile 8, the race rocked, and so did my time. I ended up with my second best half marathon time at 2:24:20!

This morning, I did make it to bootcamp, but it was a half-assed effort. My knee was keeping me from jumping or lunging too far. I'm rocking my Zensah calf compression sleeves at work, and its feeling a lot better. Unfortunately, I seemed to have misplaced my 110% play harder knee sleeve, which would feel amazing right now with its slide in ice packs.

After last weeks crappy attempt at healthy eating, I am working hard to commit myself to staying on track. The fact that I finally got my weight watchers e-tools working again after a few weeks without should help. I am vowing to track all week, get my workouts in, and stay in control with this weight loss plan. Please hold me accountable!!

The Hartford Half is in less than 2 weeks, and I want to be feeling good for that race. I have a good race crew of friends for Hartford (close to home, and a fun time). My mom, Kevin & my brother's girlfriend are doing the 5K, myself, Shelley, and my friends A & speedy trooper are doing the half, and my brother is doing the full! Couple that with a couple bloggers I know... Kari @ Running Ricig is doing the full, and Kristin @ Bigger Girls Can Run Too is running the Half. It should be a fun day, as long as the weather holds up. Anyone else coming to Hartford?


Running Ricig said...

I'll totally be at Hartford!!

Lisa J said...

looking forward to your report- I definitely want to do one of the 1/2s in the Diva series!!
I too will be racing the 1/2 in Hartford (my first time on the east coast!!)

kimert said...

Way to go! I ran a half this weekend too. Still working on a proper recap! Can't wait to read yours. Congrats!!!


Penny said...

You did awesome at that half marathon girl. Love your bling.

Wells L said...

Taunt us with such a cool looking and FUN photo and divert to Hartford - sigh! Can't wait to read the recap - looks like a BLAST!

Good luck to you and the other bloggers running Hartford. It's Bigger Girl's Can Run's first half - so totally excited for her. Hope your knee is ready to roll!!!

Lisa said...

great job! take care of your knee so you can rock the next one too!