Bia Love...

This past sunday, I went to a "stretch & learn" class @ Bia Fitness. The class was awesome, it really reignited my commitment to losing weight. We focused on a few things...

1. Fitness is our sport. Not just my running, or triathlon, but overall fitness. Making plans to reach my goals to reach my highest potential to be healthier.
2. Finding a way to integrate fitness into the community is a great way to spread the love of fitness. Krystal enthusiastically talked about having us come to her with our ideas. My idea, I've been thinking about for awhile is Girls on the Run. Its a nonprofit organization working at helping girls in grades 3-5 learn to run and build self-esteem. There is currently no chapter close to us, so Krystal & I talked and we're going to try and start one in western mass!
3. EPOC is powerful calorie torcher. Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. Pretty much the afterburn of calories after your workout is over. It can last anywhere from 15 min to 48 hours. You can maximize this by increasing the intensity or duration (greater afterburn with increased intensity), and with optimum fueling. This reinforces my work at Bootcamp with the high intensity intervals and with my speedwork runs.

It was such a great session, which ended with her having us sign a Bia Fitness Challenge agreement for the holidays. It included rules about Halloween candy, cocktails, party food, and exercise. She left us with a great quote that I hung up on my fridge...

"A serious athlete is one with a drive that can not be deterred, a will to accomplish that does not accept failure, and the mental toughness to make positive advances each day to reach one's goals. As athletes we have made a commitment to ourselves to perform at the highest level of our potential and we are driven to take steps to ensure our success. Success can only be achieved with a well laid out plan fixed to specific goals."

This morning I counted my speedwork run as my Cupcake Classic 3.7 miler for Run with Jess' virtual race!

I finished in 38:50!
5 min warmup
1600m x 3 @ 6.4mph, 1 min rest intervals @ 3.8

I celebrated with a bite (only a bite!) of the pumpkin cupcake with creamcheese frosting the speech therapists brought us in at work. YUM!

guess what?
I've counted all points the past 2 days!!


Elle said...

Nice going !

Journalling and counting is key to success.

I love that quote.

Lisa said...

great quote. good job on the cupcake classic!

Sara said...

Love this post and the weight-loss/exercise tips! I am hanging that quote ON MY FRIDGE! Congrats on a great race too - love that picture of you! ;) Have a great day.

Jenn said...

I LOVE what you said about fitness being a sport in and of itself. It's SOO much easier to make realistic goals when they're not all separated out between "weight loss" "Triathlon" "running" etc. Way to go on the race!