h2o Audio Review

You know I've been having trouble getting myself motivated to swim this season. For some reason, my drive to dress in a speedo and swim lap after lap, bores me. So I started looking for some motivation & stumbled across h2o Audio...
I found out that among many waterproof cases and headphones, they make a unit that is specifically designed for lap swimming, the interval.
The interval holds a 4g ipod shuffle, and has built in surge 2g headphones. It attaches to the back strap of your goggles, and has easy button controls to change songs, and play with the volume. It comes with 5 sets of earplugs, to get a perfect fit & is 100% waterproof for up to 12ft.

After touching base with Dana at h2o Audio, she offered to send me one to review, all I had to do was buy the ipod. So I placed an order for a new pink one on Amazon & waited for both to arrive.
My new toys!

When it came, I made sure to read the directions twice through. I was so nervous I would mess it up and  ruin my new ipod! In the directions, it said to test out the seal in a bowl of water with the ipod inside. I crossed my fingers, and gave it a try...
Soaking in a bowl of water
Next up, we were off to the pool! It was easy to slide the interval onto the straps of my goggles, and rest it in place on the back of my head. The earbuds seemed like a good fit, but I brought the extras to the pool just in case I needed to swap them out.
Self pictures of the back of your head at 5am don't come out great!
Off I went. I swam a couple laps with Rhianna singing in my ear. Fun, I could see how this could make time go faster. But then the left ear bud started shifting loose, and falling out. Apparently I picked the wrong size. At the edge of the pool, I tried to change out the earbuds but was having a hell of a time. My wet fingers, coupled with the low lighting at 5am was making it impossible. I swam the rest of my laps without.

After talking with Dana, she told me that finding the right earbud would make a big difference and that it can be tough to change them mid swim. So later that week, I worked on it in the comfort of my living room, and felt like I had a great fit.

Then I lost my goggles at my last tri, and waited for new ones to come in, and slacked on swimming. FINALLY last friday I got back in the pool to try out the new buds. 
Inside bubble is up at the pool!
Much better.
I felt it coming a little lose at times, but with a quick adjustment they stayed in place. For this product, finding the right ear piece is key, so be patient. You may have many trials, in fact I may try another next time.
Another thing I think I need to work on it with? My song selection. I think some of the songs made my strokes a little choppy, and uncontrolled. I wonder if I went with an all John Mayer mix if it would be better (<3). 
All in all, I was glad to have it. I think that it will be good to keep me entertained during the lonely lap swims (like the one I'm planning on tomorrow). I mean afterall, if this helps out the olympians to get their training in, maybe it can rub some mojo off on me too.

Check out the interval HERE & h2o Audio on facebook HERE.
Thanks h2o Audio for letting me try out a great product!


Lisa said...

i need to try something like that because i get soooooooooo bored in the pool

Julia @ The Bosky Blog said...

I have to get something like this!!!

Especially now I'm limited to no weight bearing...

I have a shuffle, I am wondering about the arm band...