Kona Ironman!

In case you missed it, Ironman Championships in Kona, HI were yesterday!
Read more about the race & winners at Forbes.com. Craig Alexander took 1st place for the men, setting a new course record of 8:03:56, followed by Pete Jacobs, an ironman rookie, and  then Andreas Raelert. For the women, Chrissie Wellington took the title, finishing in 8:55:08, her 4th world title. She was followed by last year's winner Mirinda Carfrae, and Leanda Cave.

Chrissie, courtesy of google images

Hearing the news from the race made me excited about next year's triathlon season (debating Olympic or 70.3), and also got me thinking about my first ever half marathon. That would be because my first marathon was in Kona, run along a portion of the Ironman run course.
My Train to End Stroke Team!
I was scared beyond belief at the start of that race. My friend Monica was scared more than me, so I pretended I wasn't to try & make her feel comfortable. It was a tough race with some good hills, and my inadequate training leading to a slow finish. This is long before I had a Garmin and kept track of splits (2008), but our overall time was 2:41:29. 
Don't mind my closed eyes, its the only pic I have!
After the race, I started talking about the next one. I was hooked. In love with running. I've come a long way over the past 4+ years with running. I've improved my half time by over 20 minutes, and I'm training for my first marathon. I found a love for triathlon along the way, which pushes me to challenge myself constantly. I'm so thankful to that first race in Kona that started it all.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


JenniferLeah said...

thats awesome that you got to run part of the kona course.
amazing race yesterday--Chrissie is an animal!!

misszippy said...

I love Kona, every year. These are the studs of the studs out there. So cool you got to run in their footsteps!