Life Moves Fast, Run Faster.

I missed my run yesterday.
I'm not dwelling on it.
Am I disappointed?
But, I'm not gonna let it drag me down. 
The Halloween Party was awesome, and I behaved with only 2 drinks and a couple nibbles, thinking I would make it for the 12 miles. A couple late night drunkies stayed past 2am, leaving me cranky and exhausted. I could barely drag myself out of bed at 9am (horribly late for me) to get to church, then spent the day dragging along and cleaning up with a nap late afternoon.
Look at this spread!

Holy desserts!

Kevin & I were mile high pilots!
My future with this marathon is bright, with many future training runs to get in. Some runs or workouts may not happen, and thats ok. In reality, probably taking a little long run break may be better for my knee. With the switch up from bootcamp to TRX, my runs will now be tuesday, thursday, sunday, so I'm looking forward to tuesday's run!

Week 5 Training Recap
Monday- Rest Day.
Tuesday- Bootcamp. TRX sprinter squats, ladder work, kettle bells. My legs were killing me by the end!
Wednesday- Speedwork day! 3 x 1600m @ 6.4mph. I thought the speed would be tougher to handle, but I actually made it through with no problem. It felt great to rock this run with no knee pain after the Hartford Half last weekend.
Thursday- Bootcamp. TRX plank walks/push ups/knee tucks, slam balls, band rows. My abs were dying after this workout until sunday.
Friday- Skipped run. Tired, and decided to sleep in. whoops!
Saturday- Made up Friday's Tempo run. I actually hit the gym with my mom on side by side treadmills while she did her long walk/run for the week. She had 8 miles on her schedule and I had 6. I pumped it out, and headed home to do the party prep.
Sunday- Skipped long run, after a late night to bed.

Nutrition- Win this week! While I wasn't perfect (a few too many Kashi Pita Crisps), I tracked everything monday-thursday which was a big step for me! I avoided alcohol all week, with only half a drink friday night, and 2 drinks saturday. This week I didn't buy any Kashi crackers, and am going to aim to track all 7 days.

How was your weekend?
Do you beat yourself up over a missed workout or push along?


Suz and Allan said...

Great costume idea and good grief at all the food and desserts! I love holiday parties!

Jen said...

Great costumes - there will be other long runs! Let this one slide and move forward.

Wells L said...

Great costumes!!! That's quite the spread indeed. I love the veggies smack in the middle of the dessert heaven - nice! Looks like a great party. One missed run (or even a few) won't make or break the whole training cycle. Don't beat yourself up - you're exactly right - tomorrow is another day!

Running Ricig said...

That party looks like a serious success! I love your costumes and now I'm hungry for second dinner after seeing all that food!

Taking a break from your long run is probably exactly what you need for that knee. :)

Karen said...

Oh my gosh that FOOD!
Y'alls costumes are too funny!!!
Are you running Rock n Roll NOLA today? I'm sure you heard of the AMAZING discount b/c of the Saints win! Insane!

The Green Girl said...

Loved your costumes - I totally giggled.

So glad your knee is feeling good after the Hartford Half. ::hugs:: What a relief!