Halloween Rules

In an effort to keep us on track throughout the holidays, Krystal (@ Bia Fitness) gave us a list of rules for each holiday and had us sign it like a contract. Let's review Halloween's rules today, and how I'm making out so far.

Halloween Rules
1. No Candy in the House until 10/29/11. Broken. Because of the party we had last weekend, I did need to buy some for the party, and while I was at Costco, got some for the tricker treaters. Good news? I haven't had a bite. Can't say the same for Kevin & my roomie though.
2. No eating ANY candy at ANY time. So far I have avoided candy at work and home repeadedly. I am really working hard on this one to build up my self control for all the rest of the holidays to come.
3. Reward yourself & your family for choosing fruits & vegetables instead of candy. So far so good! Tonight I had raspberries & tea instead of candy. My reward for working hard all week will be a manicure on friday night.
4. ALL candy OUT of the house by 11/6/11. I don't for see this being a problem. Initially I thought "maybe I'll keep a small bag with my favorites hidden for later." who am I kidding?! I would probably eventually find it and eat the whole bag. Plus, I'm trying to develop new behaviors and tastes by NOT wanting the candy. It will help a lot more if its not here, which is why I will bring it all to work to be devoured by my coworkers on tuesday November 1st!

Do you have any strategies to help you get through Halloween?
Want to join me in following the Bia Fitness rules?

TRX class this morning was awesome, I know I'll be so sore tomorrow. Most of the exercises were ones I haven't done before, and either I have horribly weak abs or the TRX is just wicked bad ass. Honestly, I think my core is just incredibly weak, so this will be the perfect opportunity to help strengthen it. I'm sure it will not only help with running, but with my back pain I get often too.

I made Buffalo Chicken Chili for dinner tonight from Joy Bauer's cookbook Slim & Scrumptious. Remember when I did my review of this cookbook (HERE)? This recipe is another that definitely did not disappoint. In fact, Kevin couldn't stop telling me how awesome it was. I could see it being a great football party dish thrown into a crockpot to stay warm. I wish I had taken a pic, but we were hungry! Maybe you're even interested in me sharing the recipe? Let me know!

Tomorrow I have a quick 5 miler on the schedule and I need to take a muscle relaxer and get to bed with a heat pack. Cross your fingers that my back behaves tomorrow!


Running Ricig said...

I like these! I went for the buy candy, hide it, and forget where you hid it tactic. i really need to find it before this weekend though...

Suz and Allan said...

These are good rules. Too bad I've broken them already!

Sara said...

Awesome rules! I'm with you! We don't have candy in our house and we don't get trick-or-treaters (apartment complex). My MIL usually gives us a small bag for Halloween and that will be it! I am sure it will be gone by 11/06.

Thanks for the tips!! :)