Hartford Half Race Recap

I wasn't super pumped for this race, since it was really just a long run for my marathon training, but I was excited to see my brother finish his first Marathon!!
The day before the race, my brother headed to pick up everyones packets. My mom was awesome enough to cook us a fabulous dinner. Chicken parm, spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread. Delicious, I wish I had taken pictures. After dinner, I started worrying about the weather... it seemed like it was going to be windy, and I may have to wear long sleeves. booo!

Luckily when I woke up, it was warmer, so I decided to go with my lululemon tank & arm sleeves. My brother rode with his girlfriend, and went to pick up his coach. My mom picked up Kevin and I & we drove the quick trip to Hartford.

After a muddy trip to the porta-potties, we worked on meeting up with our whole crew.
My mom & Kevin ready for the 5K!

Me & Mom getting ready to race

We lost my brother after he went to bag check, so Shelley, Speedy Trooper, A and I headed over to the start. Soon, we lost trooper and A, and Shelley and I were on our own. The start was horribly disorganized. There were pace signs, but it was impossible to get near them. The crowding and start to this race is always awful.

Shelley and I started off at a good pace, we ended up finding my brother on the course. He ran with us until the marathon split. Shelley and I were flying. My knee was feeling great, the hills weren't too bad to start, and we had fun catching up. I even saw a woman from my gym & chatted with her for a minute.

mile 1: 10:35
mile 2: 10:25
mile 3: 10:15
mile 4: 10:33

Then it started. That damn right calf started acting up and the knee started aching. Thoughts were running through my head. I should have stretched more, foam rolled more, maybe ultrasound. Why did I go out so fast? Why did I think my calf was better after the Divas Half? I hope I can keep up with Shelley. But the hills got bigger, and I felt myself dropping back. I told Shelley I had to stop and stretch a little after the 10K. I told her to go on without me.

mile 6: 10:42
mile 7: 11:01
mile 8: 12:11

The scenery was beautiful. We ran through West Hartford neighborhoods and Elizabeth Park. There were lots of bands along the course, and course supports. So many people in their front lawns, and along the roads cheering. Seriously some of the greatest crowd support I've had in a race. I limped along, running when I could and stopping to walk or stretch when I needed to.

mile 9: 12:52
mile 10: 14:09
mile 11: 12:50

Right after the mile 11 water stop, a house was playing a little Britney Spears Toxic and pumped me right up!! For a minute I flew down a hill feeling no pain, but that was shortly loved. I figured I could hold it together for a little longer, and kept plugging along.

mile 12: 13:17
mile 13: 13:36

Right before mile 13, I saw my mom & Kevin waiting for me in our usual viewing spot. I was so glad to see them. I smiled & let them take a few pics. I told them I was hurting, and I'd see them at the finish. I blew a few kisses, then hit the road.
The finish line approached. People cheering everywhere. I was in incredible pain and wanted to give up. I knew I couldn't stop with all those people cheering. I gritted my teeth, and charged through. Normally, I empty the tank at the end of race, passing at least 1-2 people in my sprint to the finish. This time, I limped through the finish. So disappointing.

I headed straight to the Med Tent for some ice. I came out and saw Kevin & my mom. Kevin commented how I didn't seem tired or out of breath, and he was right. My endurance wasn't lacking, my lungs weren't tired, my knee just gave up. After icing I got my medal and headed to meet the fam.

We grabbed some yummy post race food, and headed to the beer tent to meet up with Speedy Trooper and A. Shelley wasn't feeling well, so she took off right after finishing.
A, Speedy Trooper & Me!
After a beer, I headed over to meet up with Kristen @ Bigger Girls Can Run Too after she SMASHED her goal time!

I headed back to the beer tent, then my mom, Kevin & I went to the marathon finish to watch out for my brother. His girlfriend had been following him around on her bicycle all day, but wasn't doing a great job keeping us informed of his miles. Finally she said he was at mile 25, so we thought he had a 1.2 mile window to wait, so we were goofing off, then almost missed him go by! We waved, but missed the photo op, so we caught him after he got his medal and water.
My brother wanted to pose badass for my blog
Me, brother & Mom all race finishers today!
After another beer at the beer garden ( and missing meeting Kari because of her crazy vertigo), we headed for home with a new piece of bling to add to the wall.

Official Time
11:56 avg page
261/330 Athenas & Clydesdales
493/554 Females 25-29

Update: The knee is feeling much better!


Wells L said...

How cool! That's what my half was last weekend - a long training run . . . but I so prefer a race over a long solo run :) LOVE LOVE LOVE that your mom wore a running skirt - awesome! LOVE the photo of you and Kristin! Love that this race was a family event - how fun!!!!
Glad your knee is feeling better :)

Kayla said...

Great job, Stephanie!! Sorry about the knee trouble though! Hope its feeling better!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Sorry bout the bum knee. Way to push through though, and awesome that you got to be there for your brother!

Lisa J said...

that is the ultimate torture when our lungs / stamina / energy is still there, but our body says no. Glad your knee is feeling a little better.

Although I won't be out to CT for awhile since I have that state completed, I will let you know when I go to Massachusetts!

Running Ricig said...

man that's a bummer that you were in so much pain. But you still finished, so that's awesome!!!

I'm glad your knee is feeling better now :).

Jenn said...

Way to finish! You found out your brain and will-power are strong enough to get you through anything, so at least you got that. Looking forward to hearing great news from the next race. Also, congrats to your brother!

Suz and Allan said...

Great job Stephanie! Congrats on the race and congrats to your brother and mom too!