weigh in tuesday...

weigh in today.
After a week of eating healthy and exercising like mad, I am only down .8. The only unhealthy food I had all weekend was some wine slushies with the girls saturday night, and 2 1/2 MGD 64s on saturday at the beach. Even on 4th of July, I only had salad and fruit, no cocktails. I'm aggravated that all that sacrifice only went so far!

At our meeting today, we talked about Dreams vs. Reality.
The If only... statement.
If only I was thinner I'd have so much more fun on vacation
If only I was thinner I could finally dress in cute outfits
If only I didn't have to work, I'd have plenty of time for working out & eating healthy

The reality is, I still have a great time on vacation, and can find clothes that are fun (although I have asked my roomate to help my style deficiency), and I can still maintain a healthy lifestyle while working full time as many people do.

Sometimes there are specific things that need tweaking. Like making better choices at parties or events, getting our workouts in, cooking healthy meals. My thing to tweak is eating well on a consistent basis, and making smart choices when I go out. I'll have another option to work on this at the Sox game on Sunday!

What do you need to tweak?

our leader gave us a quote:
"Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen and others make it happen."

I want to be one of those people who make it happen.

So I'm going to try really hard to make it happen.

What kind of person are you?


HollywoodRuns said...

Hey Stephanie. I just found your blog through Kristin C. from Bigger Girls Run Too. I hear you are running the Red Dress for Women with us?!? AWESOME!! cant wait to meet you guys. I also saw that you are running Rock & Roll Providence which I have been thinking about running as well. YAY!

On another note, great job on your eating healthier and exercising like mad. Whatever you do don't get discouraged and stick with it!

Sarah said...

I'm sure you know that sometimes it takes a week for your efforts to really show up on the scale...so your .8 might be a bigger loss next week :-D

I need to be better about tracking. If I have an off day, or a meal I don't know how to count, it tends to spiral into days before I can get back to tracking.

Wells L said...

Here's me shaking you on the shoulders . . . .8 pounds lost during one week - that's .8 pounds - that's almost one pound. That's a deficit of almost 3500 calories -seriously - that's really amazing!!!! You did a great job!!!!! .8 LOST is way better than a .8 GAIN. Great job - perhaps you're being too hard on yourself. You ARE the girl DOING IT!!!! way to go!