Red Dress Run 5K Race Report!

This was not originally a race I had on my schedule, but I had thought about doing it the past 2 years. It's put on by the Hartford Marathon Foundation, and is to support the American Heart Association which I am a HUGE supporter of (I've been contemplating doing another Train to End Stroke race).  Then I saw that Kristin @ Bigger Girls Can Run Too (we'll call her K1), was running and found Kristin from Running to Somewhere (K2) who was running to. I was sold!

Now, one of my biggest fears is going to new places by myself. When I was younger, I wouldn't even let my mom drop me at the restaurant front door to put our name in while she parked the car. I HATE doing things by myself. In fact, before today I had never gone to a race by myself. I usually drag Kevin out of bed in the morning on race day with the promise of Dunkin Donuts to be my chauffeur and official race photographer. However, with my plan to meet the Kristins, I gave him the day off. Aren't I nice?

My drive toward Hartford!

I planned on leaving early so I had time to register, but due to poor directions on the race website, and lack of signage, I thought I was going to have to turn around and drive home. Finally, I found the parking lot with shuttles and joined Kristin #1 in the bus line.

I headed to registration, had to correct the woman categorizing me that I was an Athena, since she almost put me in my age group even though I had checked the Athena box. I grabbed the t-shirt (not bad), and attached my bib to my iFitness belt. I met the other Kristin and we headed to once of the nicest race bathrooms I've ever used. 

Race start
Next we headed to the Race start, Kristin 1 stayed back and I started closer up with Kristin 2. We took a few pictures (hopefully hers came out better than mine!)
So shadowy!
The start was crowded and a little slow. It took me awhile to bob & weave and find an open spot to run in. The first mile went by fairly easily. Decent downhills and mostly shade, I clocked in at 9:19, a little ahead of pace. The waterstop came a little before the 1.5 mile marker, and I grabbed a cup because I was sweating like crazy, and my little handheld doesn't hold that much. The heat started getting to me. and just before the 2 mile marker I had to stop for a walk break. Mile 2 was 9:37, not bad but slightly off my goal pace to finish under 30 min. Every time I hit a hill, or had to take a walk break because I could feel my heart rate creeping up (187 during the race), I could feel my time goal slipping away. I did not want to end up passed out in the middle of the road, so I took breaks when I needed to. 

I did mile 3 in disappointing 10:04, and tried to pick it up on the downhills and shaded areas. Finally the end was insight and I booked it as hard as I could (191 HR).  That last .15 of a mile  I did at a 7:57 pace haha. I crossed the finish with a Garmin time of  30:12, & official time of 30:14 which is a PR by 4 seconds. Not the under 30 I was hoping for, but a PR nonetheless!

I crossed the finish line and grabbed a cold water and poured it all over me to cool me down. I saw Kristen 2 and Kristen 1's mom & we went to the sideline to watch her finish. Soon we saw her pink sneakers running toward the finish!

Here she comes! (pink top)
After Kristen poured some water over her, we took some photos...

Kristin1, Me, Kristin2
Then got some delicious post race strawberry parfait. The most delish post race food I've ever had. Although we agreed a nice Margarita or a cold beer would have been nice too since it was so hot out!

Overall, a fun race with great scenery, and I'm glad I got to meet some blogger friends! Hopefully next time there will be better signs and directions for parking!

Official Results
9:44 avg pace
272/943 overall
9/123 Athena

Time for a little lounging around before my big 15 miler tomorrow!


HollywoodRuns said...

OMG, I keep trying to comment but am getting error messages. Sooo, if you end up getting 50 comments from me, its not my fault!

Again....Great race report and awesome job on the PR! It was so nice to meet you guys and I love that you renamed us Kristin 1 and Kristin 2! :)

Wells L said...

A disappointing 10:04? Really, cuz I think that's pretty amazing!!! Great job!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the PR! Good luck with the 15 miler (that sounds scary)!

Mom_2_Pippa said...

Great job on the PR!!

Jill @ Run for the Hills said...

You've gotten speedy! You should be proud of yourself. Way to go, Stephanie!

CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too said...

I kept getting the same errors as Kristin 2 haha (also love that). And I have to agree with Wells L- your run time was awesome. I wish I could go that fast!

It was a great day and it was fun meeting you! Can't wait for the 3 of us to get together and do another run soon!

kimert said...

Nice job on a PR!

Molly said...

congrats on your PR!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - great pace!! Congrats on the PR!

Penny said...

Congrats on that PR. You and your friends did awesome. Love all the pics