Today I am hurting!

Shelley was away for the weekend, so I headed out for today's 10 miler on my own. Since I've decided I need more hill work, I planned my run through East Longmeadow to tackle some of the tough hills I used to run when I lived at my mom's house.  My back was stiff, so I made sure to roll it out before leaving, and took off with a goal of beating the rain and thunderstorms. Halfway through, my back was killing me, my right knee was aching, and I wanted to quit. But I kept plugging along, knowing that I had to finish this run so I could get to the rest of my day! I finally finished 10.22 miles in 2:07:28, and couldn't have been happier. 

Now, after a little housework, and a mani/pedi, I am settled in with an ice pack watching Tour da France. I love watching triathlon on TV, but have never watched the Tour.  So far, I'm enjoying watching the team time trials. And I just saw an ad for Kona Ironman. sweet.

Now I'm in the mood to shop. I don't even own a cycling jersey and felt so out of place on wednesday, I think I'll look around. I also picked out some cute dresses from Athleta that I think will be perfect vacation outfits for the beach. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend! I'm crossing my fingers for a beach morning before the BBQ at Kevin's cousin's house. How are you celebrating?


Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

Just relaxing and getting some time to sit and do nothing. Today is very cloudy here so I'm actually getting some blog reading in!!! A treat!

Penny said...

We had our celebration here on Sat. Had some friends over for a cookout. The rest of the weekend just chilly. You had a great run and doing it by yourself, for me that can be tough sometime. So Congrats on getting it done and time to enjoy your weekend.

Shawn said...

Great Run, fantastic pace! Be proud of yourself for getting it done and out of the way! Have a fun filled 4th, hope you get your beach time!


Kristin said...

Great run!! And Im hitting the Sales today!!! Wooo hooo!!