Let the Race Planning Begin

I have not been great the rest of this week.

Wednesday night I skipped my group ride, I was wicked tired! This morning I could barely drag my but out of bed at 6:30am, never mind the initial 4:45am setting I had it on for my morning run. I dragged through the day, hoping I would have enough energy for a run after work, but no way. I am beat. This bootcamp thing sure wears me out. Wears me out so much that I can't seem to get my key workout #2 in at all. No good!

I am working hard at picking my fall Half Marathon lineup. In fact, I signed up for my first of the 4 last night...

The Diva Half Marathon on Long Island on Oct 2!
Shelley and I are going to have a girls race weekend together.

My other definite is the Hartford Half Marathon on Oct 15 (only 30 min from home!)

Other possibilities?
Seacoast Half in NH Nov 13
Monson, MA Half Marathon Nov 13 (literally 15 min from my house, but hard & hilly)
Manchester, NH Half Nov 6
RaceVermont.com Half in Shelburne, VT Nov 6 (Near Kevin's hometown)

I need to pick 2 more from last list. As of right now, I am leaning toward Monson & Shelburne. 
Any input?
I've also been thinking that 9 half in 365 days in 9 states = 4 moon status. After these 4, I'd be at 7... do I dare?

My other dilemma is next weekend's triathlon.

I have not been open water swimming since the triathlon on June 26. 
Actually, I have not been swimming at all. 
The swim is .5 miles
I have never swam .5 miles
I want to make use of my USAT license
I would also like to save money for all the race fees listed above
I can race either for $85 at the Danskin in Webster, MA or for $95 at the Amica 19.7 in New London, CT
Next weekend is my last long run with Shelley before taper for Providence RnR
I have 2 more triathlon opportunities for the season on Sept 10 & 26

What would you do?

In marathon news, I found the FIRST Marathon training program online HERE, and am excited about training for Disney. The 16 week program, has us starting September 26! It looks like all the fall Half Marathons fall nicely in the plan and would actually add on some extra miles to the training. I really feel like after our 16 miler last weekend, I can accomplish anything. NEVER in a MILLION years when I started running did I think I could run that far. With the longest training run on our schedule at 20 miles, I feel like it is totally doable. I cannot WAIT to run Disney!

My weekend will be quiet, and I'm hoping to be able to rest and get some of that energy back to really focus on my runs in the final weeks leading to Providence. Tonight Kevin and I are having a low key night, and then he will be away on mancation until tuesday. I have to work tomorrow, but I plan on spending the rest of my weekend biking, running, shopping and relaxing by the pool.

Enjoy your weekend!


Elizabeth said...

if you can afford the 1/2s-i say go for it!! i am clueless about the tri stuff though :)

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

Are you signed up for the tri yet? I'm thinking about doing my first one in conneticut. Its an all woman...

I'm doign the Hamptons week before you are doing the Diva! Miss you in LI by a week!!!

Running Ricig said...

a lot of the women in my running group are training for the diva half! Good luck!!

Karen said...

Awesome! The races all sound like a lot of fun! I'd have a hard time choosing! I love having a few half marathons to run when I'm in training for a Full - seems to add a little enjoyment to it-a fun way to get the miles in! :0)

Sara said...

Yay! Are you running Disney in 2012?? I am signed up to run the Goofy in 2012! How cool would that be?! Girl, you've got an awesome race schedule regardless of what you do - good luck with the final schedule! I need to learn from you and plan out more of my races instead of being all will-nilly. I kind of do that in my head, but it seems helpful to write it all out. Sounds like FUN!