Its freakin HOT here!!

This week has been crazy with the heat & humidity.

Wednesday night it was 90 out, but a coworker and I decided to go for a ride on a bike trail she heard of in Southwick. Lucky for us, it was shaded and flat and felt much cooler than it really was. We did 14 miles, then called it a night.

Thursday morning I had bootcamp and sweated more than I ever have. TRX, Battle Ropes, Rip trainers, slam balls, it was an intense circuit. 

Friday morning, I figured the heat wouldn't be too bad to run outside at 5:30am. WOW was I wrong. 83 degrees with an insane humidity. 5 miles was the plan, and I went through 3 waterbottles on my belt, and ran through every single sprinkler I saw. My plan was for a 10:45 pace, but that went out the window with the heat. Stepping into my air conditioned house was like heaven after that run.

Saturday morning, Kevin and I got up for a long ride. Lucky for us, the clouds were out. So even though it was almost 90, the sun wasn't beating down on us as hard as it could have. We went 24 miles, got a little lost since I didn't know the route as well as I was hoping I did, but we managed to make it home, then out for a delicious (organic!) breakfast. The rest of the afternoon was spent baking in the sun and cooling off in the pool at my friend's little girl's birthday party.

This morning, Shelley and I had our last long run before tapering for RnR Providence. We started a little before 8, hoping to beat the later in the day heat. It was 82 at the start, and wicked humid. My goal for this run, was to push the pace a little. We've been fading the pace part way into the run, so I tried to keep an eye on the Garmin and push it a little. Mission accomplished.

Goal pace was 11:15, PHMP + 20 seconds. We have NEVER come close to that pace with our training runs, but this time, we came pretty close. Some miles were not as pretty, with big hills,  or stops at traffic lights. Around 9.5, we stopped at Shelley's mom's for more water, then worked on picking it up to finish. On our last killer hill, there was a girl out ahead of us and we made it our goal to pass her. We did on the hill. She passed us back after the top, then we passed her again later. We sprinted like mad to the finish with a crazy fast pace. Even our average pace was awesome, pretty close to our goal. It sprinkled a little through the run and more at the finish, which was fabulous.

My post run Panera tasted especially delicious today.

What have you done in this killer heat??


CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too said...

Awesome run!!!! I'm so jealous! Though I did my 8 miles in the gym today, it still took me 2:09:15. I was shooting for 2 hours max, but I came close enough I guess.

Shawn said...

Great Job Stephanie! Your pace was amazing , enjoy your taper!

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

great run, especially in the heat. I've been doing mostly mill runs this week. Only one short 2 miler outside and I thought I was going to die!

Michelle said...

Great job! This heat is ridiculous isn't it? I did 11 this morning - so humid! But we'll be ready for RnR Providence!

SupermomE12 said...

Here is my post about running in the heat. :)

Keep cool!!

kimert said...

Awesome job! THe heat and humidity is killer! I am SO ready for fall.

I have been running my shorter runs inside on the TM and doing my weekend long runs outside but early.

Robin said...

Well, we haven't had much heat here yet this summer, I can't imagine running with that kind of humidity either! Congrats on your big training run and keeping that pace going!

Jess said...

WOW! Way to work it!! That is an awesome final long run before the big race - AND in all that humidity! GO YOU!