Consistency is key

To make any progress toward a goal, consistency is the most important thing. Performing healthy behaviors on a daily basis, will help you reach you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. Skimp, a little here, skimp a little there, and you're sidelining your goal. Sometimes things come up, but striving to avoid temptations to skip a workout, or eat an entire carton of ice cream will help us get where we want to be.

This week, I have been more than consistent. The start of bootcamp has been so motivating, I have not only gotten in 99% of my scheduled workouts, but I added in a couple too.  My leg muscles have never been more sore, and I feel like I am really starting to see changes. The scale is moving in the right direction, and I really want to stay focused through the holiday weekend.

How do you stay consistent?

Wednesday morning I had a great speedwork run, then that night I went on a group ride with the bike shop club. Remember that Cyclonauts ride I went on (post HERE)? The one I almost died on? This one was much better! An all women's ride with the Competitive Edge ladies, with manageable hills and a mostly easy pace. It was a beautiful ride with a lot of great scenery, and despite my incredibly sore legs, I had a fabulous time.  Thursday morning was another round of bootcamp. We used the huge battle ropes biggest loser style, ran laps, and did squats and side squats with elastic bands around our ankles. I glutes were literally screaming at me & ready to fall off, it was wicked intense. I am LOVING this bootcamp thing! Needless to say, I did miss my run this morning because my legs were so sore I couldn't lift my toes with walking.

Tonight I have a girls night planned, and tomorrow a beach day! I'm ready for some sunshine, relaxation, magazine catching up and a tan!


Wells L said...

Girls Night followed by beach day - ohhh so jealous!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Penny said...

You are so right. I believe that consistenty is the key to keeping focused on what you are trying to achieve. Have fun at the beach and a great holiday weekend

Lisa said...

consistency IS key.

glad you found a group to ride with. :-)

misszippy said...

You're so on the money with the consistency! Glad you're staying movtivated!

Carly said...

The boot camp sounds so awesome. I would love something like that. I find having a routine is the best way for me to be consistent. I finally getting back into one now and it feels so good!