Need some Inspiration?


The will & drive to change.

We all desire it. long for it. And cling to it once it's ours.

We can find inspiration in many places. In ourselves, in our friends & family, on television, blogs, and magazines, and from life experiences we endure. It was something I had been lacking for awhile. I struggled, without the drive to succeed at training, weight loss, and nutrition. Luckily I have gained it through my Bia Fitness Bootcamp, my long run parter Shelley, and weight watchers at work. I have started to be successful in losing weight (2.6 down today!), and am noticing a change in my body (my too small skirt now fits!), and those results inspire me to continue to change. 

Now I need a way to keep that motivation and inspiration high! I found an article in SELF, by Jillian Michaels on gaining and keeping inspiration and thought I would share a few for you. (from the Feb 2011 issue)

Put Your Goals in Writing
"If you know the why, you can tolerate any how. Keep the list in a place where you can see it daily, such as on the bathroom mirror or fridge."
I have my goals mapped out, but I do need to post them someplace more visible

Zip It
"Stop the negative self-talk. No more chatter about perceived body flaws or how you lack the strength and ability to be fit. Self-depreciation serves absolutely no purpose except to make you feel bad. So stop it. Now. Instead, say something nice and complimentary about who you are and what you can do."
With my body shaping up, its been easier to say nice things! Definitely an area for me to work on though!

Have a Healthy Hero
"Pick someone in your life you admire- not necessarily  someone who runs marathons or eats super healthfully. Whenever you're doing something outside your comfort zone or you feel yourself losing steam, visualize this person at your side, telling you how much he or she believes in you."
I need to think about this one some more. Who do I look up to?

Embrace a "bad" day
"You're not going to have success at every turn, and that's OK. Many people are afraid of failing,a nd they let that fear stop them from trying in the first place. Understand that messing up is an integral part of success. It's an entry point that allows us to grow."
I have gotten MILES better with this one. I was afraid to do a triathlon, but I didn't let a fear of not finishing keep me from it. I sometimes can't believe I signed up for a Marathon because the mileage is so great, but I know that I may have good runs & bad runs, and I won't let them hold me back.

Could one of these help your inspiration?
What are your tips to stay motivated and inspired?

Right now, my tired eyes are inspiring me to get some rest before my speedwork run tomorrow! Good night!


Wells L said...

Congrats on your awesome weigh in today!!! great job!

I'm a list person and I really like to cross things off so . . . for me a training schedule where I cross of one session at a time really helps me. I so prefer to write DONE next to it than to write FAIL next to it. I also have running partners - HUGELY helpful in keeping me motivated!!!! Oh and races, I keep something just ahead so I have to keep working out so I can be ready.

kimert said...

Thanks for sharing this. I want to inspire others. I am often inspired by others. I look for different things to inspire me all.the.time.

Congrats on the lbs lost!!!! That is inspiring!

The Green Girl said...

I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing, girl.