Boston Multisports World Conference!

Today, my brother and I headed to the Boston Multisports World Conference & Expo!
We went from booth to booth, checking out great deals and learning about new races.

I picked up some great new gear at >60% off!
From Marathon Sports..
Brooks LSD Lite jacket. Originally $75... mine for $30!

From fast:splits...
2XU Women's Endurance Tri Short. Originally $90, mine for $30!
Also not pictured Speedo Endurance+ suit in black. Originally $62, mine for $30

I also made sure to stop by the Pumpkinman 70.3 race booth to say hello & get a visor!

We also scoped out a few new races as potentials for this year or next year..
June 6, 2012 in Casco, ME
The Pirate Tri includes overnight camping the night before & is pirate themed. Sounds like a BLAST!

Unfortunately The Lake George Triathlon Festival is the weekend before Pumpkinman this year. They have an Olympic & Half Iron distance. We used to spend summer vacations as a kid at Lake George so I think this would be a PERFECT tradition to start.

We also went to a seminar on Natural Running Form by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella.

My brother has been trying to talk me into barefoot/natural/minimalist running.
Did you know they don't make minimalist shoes in women's wides?
I was convinced by my brother to try these on..

I was surprised by how comfy they felt!
The guy at the booth was great, explaining the body mechanics and strengthening principles behind them. I wanted to walk around and think about it, and by the time I went back, they were sold out in my size!

So my brother took me on a trip to Marathon Sports after the Expo. They didn't have the Komodosport LS, so I tried the Bilka, which felt so narrow on my feet. The girl wasn't super helpful in the other minimalist shoe department, and brought me ugly man's shoes, since the women's don't come in wide.

I think I may do a little online shopping later for a pair!

A busy day, excitement for the sport, and quality time with my brother.

What's a unique race (running or triathlon) that you've done or are doing?
Do you love scoring great deals on gear at Expos?
What do you think of vibrams and barefoot/natural running?


My Daily Journey to Share said...

Love the new gear and I cant believe the price! Erica

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Yes the Bilka's I thought were not helpful for wide feet! Try Sport Chalet online for a good price!

Anonymous said...

I got the vibram bikilas and LOVE them. I got a size larger and thanks to the laces I can make it the width that feels good for me. Mine are red :)

Suz and Allan said...

Those are some good finds! Our big Memorial Day race has the best prices at the expo. There's a booth of apparel that's all $10 and the local running shoe store has all their clearance shoes on sale for $40. We normally end up with way too much stuff!

Michelle said...

I so wanted to this Conference - especially to hear Dr Cucuzella!

I've got the Bikla LS which have been great to walk around in but haven't tried running in them yet.

Aimee said...

Great deals! I love to get good deals, but the expos I've been too were either small or I was rushed.

I haven't done any unique races. I'm running my first international race in September in Lisbon so that's kind of exciting to me. The Tough Mudder race is on my mind for next year.

I'm sure at some point I'll give the vibrams a try. The more I read and hear about barefoot/natural running the more intrigued I become.