Tired Weekend

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After a weekend of working both saturday and sunday, I'm exhausted. Throw the time change on top of that & I'm ready for bed. When I get stuck working the weekend, it throws me all out of whack. I don't get workouts in, I eat like junk, and I'm super cranky. Thank goodness I have tomorrow off from work!

The one thing I am happy out?

Look at this weather!!
High 60s, low 70s.... I'm in heaven!
This means I'm planning a run tomorrow before a swim lesson, then a day of shopping (clothes, blender). I cannot wait to get out there in the gorgeous sunshine and fresh air. It's just what I need after 7 days straight of working.

My one accomplishment today?

Kale chips!
I've been wanting to try making these forever, and finally took the plunge. I ripped up Kale leaves, then tossed them in a bowl with olive oil, salt & parmesan cheese. Baked on a cookie sheet in the oven at 300 for 25 minutes. I was a little skeptical, but they got thumbs up from the roomie, Kevin & Me.

Time to relax with a lifetime movie and prepare for a fresh start tomorrow.

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Lisa said...

enjoy the weather tomorrow!!

Wells L said...

Our week's forecast also looks warm and wonderful (minus a 2 days of rain). I can't wait to get out there and take full advantage.

Kale chips - hmmm, I'm a bit worried, but I have heard a LOT of great things!!! Hmmmm, perhaps I'll have to jump in. Maybe Kale can be my "new to me" new food for March.

My Daily Journey to Share said...

I have been so warn out myself since last weekend when I ran the half marathon. I mean just worn out. Wednesday I tried to run 2 mile but a lot of it was walking because I was so sore. I ran yesterday for 3 miles yesterday and today I am really sore which I never ran into before like this. Did you find you were sore after you long run races for a little time after? Thanks Erica

Taryn said...

Awesome weather for the coming week...I would be so excited!! :)

Elizabeth said...

kale chips are my fav!! i made some last week :)

Suz and Allan said...

Enjoy the nice weather!

dreambigrunner.com said...

Love this quote! That's how I usually feel when I'm overwhelmed. I just want to close my eyes and hide in bed :)