Three Things & a giveaway winner!

1. Yesterday I gobbled up the leapyear savings. I registered for not one, but 2 half marathons! 
Aug 19, 2012
S & I had been debating this as a girls weekend away. Its 3 weeks before Pumpkinman 70.3, so it will be good to get a half marathon in. We saved $29, and spent only $61 on the race. Score!
October 13, 2012
Race price increased today, so I signed up yesterday for a sweet price of only $55 for the half marathon. If it weren't for Pumpkinman, I'd consider the full, but I know it will be too soon.

2. My green smoothie today was delicious, and I actually remembered to put greens inside! Grapefruit, oranges, kiwi, banana, spinach, a scoop of protein powder, and flax seeds. It made so much that I had enough for a morning snack and lunch. Its funny that I feel so satisfied and refreshed having this for lunch. I feel like maybe my old lunches were weighing me down. 

3. We got snow. Not a ton, but enough to make driving a pain. I hate waking up early, cleaning off a car, and shoveling, all before getting to the gym. So I decided to have Kevin do a hearing test with me last night to see if you could hear me on the bike trainer downstairs while in the upstairs bedrooms. Lucky for me, there was no noise, and I was able to pound out 70 minutes in the morning while reading a magazine.  I also counted points all day today. Yay!

The winner of the Immucell?
Lauren... at no blog I can find. I'm shooting you an email Lauren!

Who else is glad its Friday tomorrow?
Did you sign up for any races this week?


Elle said...

2 halfs! Good for you.

Still enjoying those green smoothies, too. Nice, all those vitamins and antioxidants. :)

Michelle said...

You got some good race deals! I am still debating running Providence again - it's that whole mid-August thing (read heat!) that keeps me from pulling the trigger :)

My Daily Journey to Share said...

Good for you! I run my RnR half marathon Sunday in New Orleans!!!! Erica

misszippy said...

Awesome when you can save on entry fees like that! I am loving green smoothies these days too.

Taryn said...

What great deals!! Way to go!!

Suz and Allan said...

That's a great deal on both! Hope you have a great weekend!

Penny said...

Great to save some money on some races. Way to go girl. I got to try those green things. I am just to lazy to get my blender out and do it. Keep it up girl.

AmyC @ running escapades said...

I will be at RNR PROV again this year. And now I'll have to look into Hartford's half...I'm looking for a race in CT!

Anonymous said...

Signing up for races is always fun! I'm eying both of them. Good luck!!