Here comes the Sun!

Sunshine is like hitting my recharge button.
There is nothing that picks up my mood like a little sun.
I smile brighter.
I eat healthier.
I want to get outside to run/bike.
I am happier.
I am more relaxed.
The list goes on...

I headed out for a 7 miler at 10am, and saw this amazing sight on my way home

The run went fairly well.
I stopped a few times to stretch, the knee got a little achy. Overall, it was amazing to get out in the sun and get moving.

Look at that post run glow!

After a quick rinse off, I headed to the pool for a total immersion lesson. We worked on arm recovery & tempo pacing. I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things more, especially since I've been spending more time in the pool practicing. We also talked about making workout plans instead of just going to the pool to swim, which is exactly what I have been doing, whoops!

I spent the afternoon shopping fueled on green smoothie.
Wait. till. you see. my big purchase.

Do you love the sunshine?
What does a little sun motivate you to do?


Wells L said...

Sunshine, per my post yesterday, motivated me to run for 70 continuous minutes . . . who knew a little rays could be so amazing! :)

Great job on your run and swim.

My Daily Journey to Share said... run glow is the best look ever!!! Erica

Elle said...

Yes, sun lover here! Those glasses are cute on you.... really really like the look.

Glad you had such a nice sunny day!

Taryn said...

It is kind of amazing what a little sun can do! Nice run!

Aimee said...

The day was incredible yesterday. Glad you got a good run in. I didn't run, but the sunshine motivated me to take my son on our first hike of 2012, up to the top of Mt. Norwottuck. It was gorgeous.

Lisa said...

Where I live it is sunny most of the time, but on those days when it's not, I definitely notice a difference in my mood. I think I must be solar-powered.

Sara said...

YES! I love the sunshine and it totally picks me up! It is 78 and sunny here today! I can't wait to get out and run. The winter months are so long and annoying. I KNOW the sun always gets me moving and motivated to make healthy choices again!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the sunshine, especially right now where the humidity is still pretty low! It's fun to drive home from work and to see so many people working out and having fun!