Three Things Thursday

1. I have been slacking on workouts, which leads me to slack at blogging. I have been so exhausted lately, I've barely been able to drag my butt out of bed for work, let alone a workout. I visited the doctor once on this issue (and some other symptoms I've been having), but nothing has shown up. For someone who eats well, exercises & gets lots of sleep, it seems a little weird! Although today's tiredness/sickness has food poisoning to blame!

2. I signed up for Half Marathon #10!
S & I decided we needed another (running) race before RnR Providence in August. The race is May 27th, and it looks like a nice course. Maybe if my knee if feeling good, I could aim for a PR??
(which by the way, my knee + KT tape = awesome. More on that another time)

3. I am heading to Boston this weekend with my brother for the Multisport World Conference & Expo! I'm looking forward to listening to some speakers, learning to take care of my bike, & checking out some great vendor booths. I am going to try not to spend all my money. 

Anyone else feel exhausted and lightheaded all the time?
Anyone running Boston's Run to Remember?
Anyone going to the Multisport World Conference?


My Daily Journey to Share said...

ME ME ME!!! I just sent a message to a running buddie to ask her thoughts. I am eating a good meal plan, taking my daily multi vit, and taking in the righ amount of water, protein, and carbs. I am so tired its crazy. I went for a 6 mile bike ride last night and did good but tonight I went out for a 3 mile run and I bet I was only able to run 1 mle of it and walked the other two. I was out of it!!! Someone today at work told me I should purchase this certain apple cider vinager and take 2 teaspoons 2 times a day for energy but Im not sure. I am ready to try anyting for a boost of energy. Erica

Aimee said...

Stephanie I hope you feel better. Have you thought about getting a second opinion and maybe having your labs drawn again? I know you work in the medical field and have probably received lots of advice. I do agree that given your lifestyle the fatigue seems unusual.

I really wanted to do Boston's Run to Remember, but just like last year I am working that weekend. Good luck! I look forward to hearing about your experience.

The Expo sounds fun. Have a great weekend!!