Green Smoothie Detox

I feel like I need a way to jump start eating cleaner & healthier. I've been struggling for awhile now, but just can't seem to get to a committed place. I think the hardest part is, its hard to stick to your healthy guns when you already feel gross & sluggish. Its like what the hell, Ill just eat this anyways.

I love fruits and vegetable. I've made a couple green smoothies in my time, but I have been thinking that this week, I will undergo a 3 day green smoothie detox. I've found a website for a 3 day Green Smoothie Detox, with recipes, and motivational support. Basically you have nothing but green smoothies for 3 days, although they have said that raw veggies or fruit for snacking is acceptable.

I'm thinking this may be the thing to get me on track, and clear my system of the junk I've been putting in it. Plus its only 3 days, and if for some reason I really feel like crap or am STARVING, I'll eat something. My back up plan is to replace a meal a day with a green smoothie.

Have you ever made green smoothies?
What's your favorite green smoothie recipe?
What do you think of a green smoothie detox?


Lisa said...

I've never even tried green smoothies...

Lisa J said...

I hope this helps for you! Do you ever read Women's Health?!?! There was an article in THIS month's issue talking about smoothie detoxes and what goes on in your body. I don't think doing it for 3 days is a big deal, it was talking about the dangers of doing it for 1 week. Seems like everyone is blogging about smoothie detoxes or juice cleanses these days!

Elle said...

I make green smoothies often.

I like to use a handful or two of spinach leaves, Almond Breeze, vanilla flavor, unsweetened, a banana, a bit of Stevia or Splenda and some cinnamon...

And to change it up a bit I might throw in a handful of strawberries or mixed frozen berries.

You could use protein powder and water instead of the Almond Breeze and I have also done them with Chocolate Protein powder too.

I am going to check out that web site.

Kale works instead of spinach too.

Have fun with it... it looks daunting when you first see the green color, but they taste great!


Run with Jess said...

I just might give this one a try too! I love smoothies! And this is the lat week of our weight loss challenge at the gym... I need to shed quick. eek.

Christina said...

I love my green smoothies. I usually use spinach, banana (a must for me because it adds sweetness and it makes it more satiable), kiwi and skim milk/almond milk. LOVE IT!

I thought about doing a smoothie/fruit diet for a few days (2 or 3 days) to rid my system of all the gunk and junk too. Maybe I will do it after my half marathon.

Jen said...

going to check that one out. I love green smoothies, I have been juicing and then blending the juice with protien powder and frozen fruit and it is awesome.