Food is not the enemy

Today I am working to get on the right track with healthy food. I'm going to put effort in making all that unhealthy food the enemy. Today I begin my green smoothie detox. A green smoothie is essentially a smoothie made with leafy greens, fruits, and water. They pack a huge nutritional punch, especially for people who have difficulty getting in their fruits & veggies. The roomie has decided to do it with me, so in yesterday in preparation we hit the store for our goods.

Took up almost the whole island!

Look at all the yummy food!

Bananas, apples, oranges, spinach, romaine lettuce, parsley, mangoes, pineapple, kiwi, cilantro, cucumbers, tomatoes, swiss chard, scallions, frozen berries. All to set the stage for my detox to better heath. It honestly all looked so good sitting there on the counter, I wanted to make one right then! 

The morning's smoothie is..

1  cup frozen raspberries
1 cup frozen strawberries
2 bananas
2 cups collard greens
chia seeds

I planned on showing a picture of a delicious smoothie here, but disaster struck this morning. My blender started smoking, and smelling like something caught fire. In my morning rush, I drove to my mom's house for her blender, then rushed home to make mine & the roomie's smoothies. I left the house disaster, but armed with my breakfast & lunch smoothies.

Disaster in the kitchen!

How did it go?
Well, lets just say I am used to eating a protein packed breakfast. Eggs, egg whites, cheese. So by 10am, I was so lightheaded and nauseous I could barely focus. Thankfully a coworker had some goldfish crackers. At lunch, I ate a sandwich, then stopped at the store on the way home for a little more "real" food. I am still ridiculously nauseous.

My revised plan?
I will replace my lunch with a green smoothie, followed by a protein bar in the afternoon. I just can't go all in. At least I tried!

Looking forward to trying more smoothies!
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Jen said...

I find that if I juice fast for the day I can't do anything the first day and I have to have more then 3 drinks, I need to treat the juice/smoothie 3 meals, 2 snacks. It takes a lot of time. This morning I had a smoothie with protien powder added and a hardboiled egg and it help make me full. Oh and when I say smoothie it was 24oz fruit, veggies and protien powder.

Elle said...

I looked at that smoothie detox site and I think it doesn't look like enough to eat either, unless you are just going to lay in bed all day!

Nice try, though... and getting in more veggies and fruit is always a good plan.

I am trying to eliminate JUNK food right now, ie. sugary snacks, carby nonwholegrain foods... and eat to FUEL my runs.