Are you listening?

In my Immucell giveaway (HERE), I asked you to share how you stay injury free on my facebook page. So far, I have only one, but it really made me think.

How many of us ignore the aches, pains, and troubles we have while training? guilty! I ignored that knee pain last October while pushing through the Hartford Half, and dealt with it all marathon training. My knee has been feeling better lately, but still paining me here and there.

At bootcamp Friday, we did a million TRX leg work including killer saw lunges
TRX saw lunges
My ass cheeks literally hurt so bad saturday and sunday that sitting on a toilet seat or hard chair was torture. I ignored the aches and pains, and went ahead with my schedule 8 mile run sunday. Which, by the way, was the first outdoor run and longest run since the marathon.

With my achy legs, my pace was slow, and my knee was painful. I needed to stop and stretch and walk a little to ease the pain. My legs felt like lead after, now my quads and hamstrings were feeling it too. 

This morning I was planning on a 6 mile treadmill run, but my legs are still killing me. So I took Pattie's advice and listened to my body. I still got my butt up, but I did the elliptical and took my time stretching afterwards. Today I had a coworker do some trigger point and massage, and I have a hot date with the foam roller tonight.

What else should I listen to my body for?
The foods I eat
The intensity of my workouts
The sleep I need
The stress I need to relieve

Do you listen to your body?


SupermomE12 said...

Too funny! I just posted a super similar post. Great minds think alike! :)

Wells L said...

I'm pretty good at listening to my body. I prefer to be cautious - guess I've overcome far too many injuries to ignore the pain and push through - that only results in a very disappointing longer lay off.

Good post - glad you're listening to your body. My booty hurts just reading about your TRX workout - ouch!

Elizabeth said...

i need to be better about it…not sure i should’ve gone running today but i went anyway. thx for the reminder!

Michelle said...

I've gotten better about listening to my body but it's hard. I find myself wanting to push through, afraid of missing some goal.

Hope your knee's better soon!

Suz and Allan said...

This is my answer to everything! Listening to my body has yet to lead me astray.