Three Things Thursday!

1. I am feeling sluggish, chubby, and gross. I seriously need to get in shape with this whole nutrition thing. My body is revolting at the extra food I am giving it, and it isn't pretty. Where is my discipline and willpower? I'm considering something green to get me back on the right path... more on that tomorrow.

2. I had a hot stone massage tonight. I totally forgot I had booked my free upgrade until I had gotten there. Luckily my massage therapist knows how bad my legs are, so she mixed it up with some deep tissue. Super relaxing, I'm ready for bed.
Not me! Pic courtesy of google images
3. I've been thinking a lot about my blog lately. Switching to wordpress, or having my brother help me branch out on my own (he's a computer graphic wizard). I've been thinking about what I want it to look like, what I want the contents to be like. It seems so overwhelming! I am very challenged in this area, so I hope my brother can successfully help guide me in the right direction.

Ever had a hot stone massage?
What would like to see my blog look like?
What kind of things would you like to hear from my blog?
Any advice to offer on changing around my blog?

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Michelle said...

I know what you mean about feeling sluggish and yucky! :( This too will pass. :) I LOVE your blog as is but would totally support a change. I too often think about going to wordpress. Its tough I think but I am always thinking the grass is greener. Things are fine for me on Blogger. I LOVE LOVE LOVE deep tissue massages. I am fortunate my sister is a MT and I get some for free. Just not often enough! Have a great rest of your night! ~Michelle

Amcconn said...

I love your blog but support you need for change!!
Keep the posts coming--- running posts, family posts, random posts they are all awesome!!!

My Daily Journey to Share said...

Oh a hot stone massage sounds so great right now. My half marathon is in a week and Im so tired.
Talking about your blog, when did you start it? I love seeing everyday life pictures on blogs along with running blogs. I love pictures! I think photos really do tell a story! :) Erica

Aimee said...

#1-I feel exactly as you described. I've got the exercise thing down but I can't seem to get a handle on food. I jumped back on Spark People today to journal my food. I am not giving up, but it is so frustrating.

#2-I have never had a hot stone massage but it sounds wonderful. My last back massage was so painful thanks to pent up tension. I love head massages the best. I wish I could teach my husband to wash my hair like they do at my hair salon!!

#3-Well you've seen my blog so clearly I'm not one to be offering blog design advice. It's helpful that your brother can help.

Have a great weekend!

The Green Girl said...

I've been feeling the same way, girl. Urgh. I can't seem to shake the extra holiday pounds.

The hot stone massage sounds lovely.

Lisa J said...

i say since you have a genius brother, he will be able to help you with the wordpress transition no problem ( i hear its a headache)

I'm still in the process of debating if thats the direction I want to go as well.

As far as adding anything to it-- you're a physical therapist right? I think it would be neat if you had a tab for common running / sport related injury and different stretches / tips/ avoidances for each (ITBS, hip flexor issues, stress fractures etc)

Christine said...

I love massages, they are so relaxing!! :)

Wells L said...

I'm a BIG fan of hot rock massages!!!!!

I LOVE your blog just the way it is!!!! I love what you talk about - just my opinion, though.

Suz and Allan said...

I looove hot stone massages but deep tissue are probably my favorite!

I like your blog the way it is but whatever changes you decide to make (if any) will be good too!