Learning to Swim

So, I decided against the nutritionist. 
I do know what I should be eating.
I know the foods that my body feels best with.
I now need to focus on eating those foods, and staying on track.

Instead, I decided to spend the money on swimming lessons.
My friends have been laughing at me,
"Don't you know how to swim?"
I do, but I want to swim better. I read the total immersion book, but since I can't watch myself swim, I had no clue what I needed to work on, so I found a total immersion coach who is located literally 5 minutes from my house.

She started by videotaping me underwater and on the surface. I discovered that my legs go a little crazy trying to keep my stability in the water. She said my stroke is a little disconnected, but I should pick it up easily. We went through a few drills to work on, and we'll follow up with another lesson soon.

check out one of my videos....

I think my money is much better spent here.

Have you ever taken swim lessons?
or running or cycling lessons?


Bluegrass Tri Chick said...

Awesome! I wish I had a TI coach closer by. I am so looking forward to the TI workshop this weekend. I really need that feedback too.

Good luck with your swimming!

*~*~* Tracy said...

Sweet! I would *love* to have a swim coach but it's not in the budget right now. I've known how to swim my whole life but I know my stroke and kick are very wonky.

Enjoy your lessons!

On the Right Track said...

that's so funny...I just took my first "tri" swim class this past Sunday. It was awesome!!! 90 minutes we spent swimmming, doing drills, in and out with push-ups and planks and so forth.

such a great workout...i am quite sore! and, the coaches spend quite a bit of time working with each of us on our strokes etc.

So Well Worth the $$$

Anonymous said...

I haven't yet but I found out where I live through the county at decent prices they have swim classes for triathletes. I want to do a tri one of these days so I will definitely take up a class when time comes. I agree - we all know what we should eat - the tough part is following through.

Jenn said...

Yay! Swim lessons are the best, even for adults. I taught swim lessons for 10 years and I love swimming. However, no matter how good you are having someone to help you with technique and balance is so important. Efficiency is key, right?! Good decision :)

Lisa said...

I took some beginner group swimming lessons, and it was slightly too easy for me but only about $90 for 15 classes. I was a self-taught swimmer and didn't know how to put my face underwater or breathe properly until the class. I'd love to take some individual swimming lessons, but like you have to be choosy about where to spend my money, and right now I feel I still get more out of working with a personal trainer.

Lisa said...

I took swim lessons to learn to swim as an adult. I had a triathlon coach who did the underwater taping thing too...very enlightening. Enjoy. I think this is a good way to spend your $$

Due to lessons, I went from essentially unable to swim to being a fairly decent middle aged triathlete swimmer.

Wells L said...

I have taught swimming lessons for more than 20 years - money well spent, indeed!!!

I've taken running classes (like my half marathon class and been in a couple of group training programs that taught me some things about running). I'm definitely a better runner because of what I learned in those classes/programs.

Love the video - technology is so cool.