What are you preparing for?

Todays quote:

I'll keep running
Because it makes me feel ready.
I'm not exactly sure what I'm ready for.
But whatever comes along, boy do I feel prepared.

For a lot of us, we spend a lot of time training for races. We spend numerous hours logging miles to feel ready for the moments leading up to the big races we commit to. Whether is be a first 5K or a 20th marathon, we run to feel prepared.

What else does running prepare us for? Certainly there are other moments in life that are better handled by our running. We may be able to handle stressors at work or home better, running may make us feel ready to tackle other challenges that we face. 

Sometimes when I finish a long run, or a race, I think to myself, "If I can do that, I can do anything." Running boosts our self esteem, lifts our mood, improves our health & prepares us to be happier, better versions of ourselves.

What does running prepare you for?


kimert said...

I'm of course running to prepare for my first half marathon but I think running also prepares me for life in general. Running makes me more prepared to teach my kids healthy habits, etc. Or at least I hope! Great post!!!

Wells L said...

Running prepares me to kick ass and take names!!!

(hope that doesn't offend you or your readers . . .and I'm super glad you weren't offended by my poorly worded but very well intended comment the other day!)

Diet Coke and a Lemon said...

I'm new to running, but running is preparing me to actually keep motivation and make time in my day for something so important.

Teamarcia said...

So true! Running taught me to take more risks and that I can do anything I really want to.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Such a great post and reminder! Running prepares me to write because it helps me clear my head and focus my thoughts. Running prepares me to be more disciplined in my other goals and my career. Running prepares me to pass what I thought were my limits and leave them in the dust.

Kim said...

Needed to read something like that! Thanks for posting!

Staci said...

As you say "If I can do that (a marathon in my case), I can do anything." Thanks for the reminder.

LoriV. said...

An active life!