Disney Princess Part 3

We ended with me crossing the finish line and getting my fab medal!

After I crossed, I texted Barbie & A that I was done. I found Barbie on the sideline, but A wasn't with her, in fact Barbie hadn't heard from her and she should have finished the race about an hour before me. I grabbed a bag of ice from the med tent because I was so hot, then headed through the picture & food chutes to meet Barbie. We had originally told A that if we couldn't get in touch by cell phone, we'd meet up by the K tent. 

I was already nervous, then that multiplied by 10 when she wasn't at the tent. A had hurt her foot at a race last fall, but I knew she would have struggled through and finished if that was the problem, but I never passed her & knew she was not still on the course. Barbie went to see if she had gotten her bag at bag check, she hadn't. Just as we were trying to convince some medics to get us some info, A called my cell.

She was plowing through the race, on her way to a 1:55 finish. It was humid, she took 2 cups of water at every stop, but very little powerade (1st possible downfall), and she didn't have any fuel on her and didn't take a Gu at the Gu stop. She remembered passing the 12 mile marker and not feeling well, but wanted to push through and finish. She remembered making the turn around inside epcot, and with about a 1/4 mile left she went down. The next thing she remembered was waking up being lifted onto a stretcher. 2 bags of IV fluids, a glucose tab, and a banana and an hour later and they released her.

After we got A back! We're glad to be done!

One thing that disappointed us, was that Disney EMTs did not even attempt to contact us. She had spelled our names to them, gave them our phone numbers, but no luck. Luckily she rallied, and after a shower, a few rides at Epcot, some laying by the pool, and a delicious dinner in France she was good to go.

Sleeping Beauty bush at Epcot
The next day we spent at MGM and the pool, then hit up magic kingdom on tuesday before heading home. All in all, it was a fabulous trip we are tentatively planning again for 2013 or 14 for A to take her revenge on the race!


Sara said...

Congrats on finishing! I am so glad everyone is alright - scary! I hope to do this race someday too. :)

Shawn Becker said...

I loved reading your posts about the race. i am so sorry for your friend A, thank goodness she was OK and you were able to enjoy the rest of your Vaca!

Wells L said...

This is absolutely my worst fear for a race . . . exactly what happened to A - wow, I'm THRILLED to hear she was alright! How scary were those minutes when no one knew what was going on. Boo to the medics for not contacting you girls!!! Definitely need to help her get revenge. Glad you girls all ended up healthy and had a good time!!!!

Carly said...

That's a bummer for your friend. Glad she's feeling better!