Last night I stumbled across a couple small notebooks. In college, and a few years ago, while diving into my weightloss journey, I made collages of motivational clippings from magazines. Everything from quotes, to pictures, and weight loss tips. I read through them last night, and it really brought me back to a time when I was focused on my nutrition and weightloss. I'm going to try and post some of these quotes and advice as I go along for this journey to help keep me more focused.

I'm a guest blogger today @ Diet, Wellness, & Nutrition Journal. I'm talking about body image and endurance sports, so make sure to check it out!

Today's workout? Supposed to be a 28 min run & strength training. My muscles however were screaming from yesterday's strength work (I can barely lift a jug of milk), and I opted instead for a 34 min run (2.9 toward the cupcake Half), and some intense stretching. Did well with my eating today, and even did Abs when I got home from work. sweet!

"Why am I doing this again? Oh yeah, just prove to myself that I can. And hey, everybody's got competitive juices flowing and I'm ready to put mine to work. Even if I really am just competing against myself"


Diet Coke and a Lemon said...

Great post! You should definitely share some of those motivational clippings with us. I could definitely use some at the moment.

Add me please! :)

Wells L said...

Blast from your past - cool! Quotes are always awesome. You going to put together a running list of them on your side bar?
Glad your eating is going well!! Woo hoo.
Can I just say (and I swear I don't mean it to sound mean, though it might) - I'm really glad to hear your muscles get sore. I mean, I'm sorry you're sore, but . . . I think of you as so amazing and awesome that it just all seems so easy for you. I love that you get sore too. I'm totally screwing up this comment. I don't mean it to be mean - I just mean, I'm glad that you know how I'm feeling. Sorry - don't hate me. Hope you recovery. I swear I didn't mean to sound like a jerk!!! I promise I meant it with all the respect in the world.

Penny said...

Loved your guest blog it was great. Have you ever read the book by Ali Vincent BELIEVE IT, BE IT, from the Biggest Loser win season 5. It motivated me to believe in myself that I could lose the weight.I would repeat the saying BELIEVE IT, BE IT. Check it out it's a small book and a fast read.Stephanie I have a question for you I am trying to get a hydration belt for my longer runs. I was wondering if you use one and if you would recommend one over the others. Does the water sluish all over while you run. Does the belt slide up move alot? I dont need any extra weight but am tired of drive my route and depositing water bottle than have to go pick them back up when I am done.

Terri said...

Great idea - I take inspiration from wherever I can!