(Not) Working for the weekends!

Yesterday I got word from my boss that he was able to accommodate my weekend racing schedule.

wicked awesome.

Working at a hospital means weekends are required for me, and with 2 therapists leaving, and only 3 of us left, I was nervous. I decided on a whim to give him a list of my weekends I have plans for (one wedding, a few sox games, spectating my brother's first marathon, and a bunch of races for myself), and to my surprise, he was able to do it!

i wish!

Maybe its because I am being super flexible with my vacation week this summer. I am letting everyone else pick first, then picking from what is left. Maybe its because I told him I wouldn't work my per diem job so I could work when I'm free there (now that my pay rate is the same I really don't care where I work). This year we didn't have any solid vacation plans, but my weekends were most important to me. So I'm happy I got what I wanted.

So you know what that means??

I took out that race calender and started some planning. I registered for Susan G Komen 5K at Bushnell Park in CT that I run every year (although I'm disappointed that they are now charging $4 extra to get a D-tag & have your race timed). I reserved a hotel for Rock N Roll Providence (did I ever mention running that one?) at the Marriott downtown. The race I really am itching to sign up for is my first triathlon of the year, but I need my estimated finish time for the swim since that determines the order we start in. I want a little more practice before committing to that (skipping my swim workouts does not help).

My eating has been great, completely on plan with WW, but I have been so exhausted my workouts have been lacking. I was completely unable to get out of bed for a swim this morning, and could barely drag myself to work. I tried eating a little more protein today to maybe pep me up, hopefully it will work, if I keep it up. I got a fabulous shipment on my doorstep to help me with that, which means an awesome giveaway in the works for you!

Another early night to bed? I have a run I need to aim for in the morning!


Michelle said...

That's great that your boss was able to accommodate your weekend plans! I'm running RnR Providence too - can't wait!

Wells L said...

How awesome your job was willing to work around your racing schedule - that's such a relief. Hope you get your energy back soon. The Providence race sounds fun!

Kirstie said...

awesome! congrats! enjoy your upcoming WEEKEND events.

Carly said...

Yay for flexibility! It's always nice when things work out.

Anonymous said...

That's great that you got all your weekends! I'm curious about triathlons, but I don't swim and I don't know how to ride a bike, which means I will have to live vicariously through you doing one and blogging about it.

Anonymous said...

Yay for accomodation!!