my ABCs

MIght as well jump on the bandwagon!
A - age: 28

B - bed: Queen

C - chore you hate: Washing the floors, which is why they are so dirty right now. Also shoveling & Mowing, but Kevin is stuck with that 

D - dogs: no way. I'm not an animal fan, and I'm allergic.

E - essential start your day item: Usually a workout. If no workout then a shower. If a workout, it is is always followed by a shower.

F - favorite color: Pink!!

G - gold or silver: If I had to pick I would say silver, but really I prefer platinum 

H - height: 5 '5

I - instruments you play: I played flute & piccolo in school, now I like to sing.

J - job title: Inpatient Acute Rehab Physical Therapist & Center Coordinator of Clinical Education. Pretty much I rehab people after all sorts of injuries (my favorite being strokes & brain injuries), and organize all the students that come from different schools to have their internships with us.

K - kids: None yet.

L - live: Western Massachusetts

M - mom's name: Lois

N - nick name: Steph, Stephie. nothing really weird

O - overnight hospital stays: Never have had an overnight. Just short trips to the ER for heat stroke, stitches, back pain, and day stay surgeries for tonsillectomy, ACL reconstruction, and a bunionectomy.

P - pet peeve: People who can't make decisions, ex "What would you like to do next." "I don't care, whatever you want to do." Then get pissy when you make a decision because they are unable to.

Q - quote from a movie:  "Love Actually, Is all around."

R - right or left handed: right. 

S - siblings: I'm the oldest. My younger brother is 26, a runner and aspiring triathlete & lives in Boston. My sister is 16 and a junior in high school. My dad & his wife adopted a girl from china, so my other sister is 12.

T - time you wake up: 5am when its gym time, otherwise 6:30am.

U - underwear: hipsters or teeny bikinis. LOVE Vikkis stuff

V - vegetable you dislike: Broccoli. It wrecks havoc on my stomach.

W - what makes you late: Getting ready, reading things online

X- rays you've had done - My right knee when I tore my ACL, My left hand once when I broke my thumb, my left foot a million times pre-op and post op my foot surgery. 

Y - yummy food you make - Probably my Asiago cheese dip with Stacy's Pita chips are like heaven.

Z - zoo animal favorite - I'm more of an aquarium girl, so I would say, Dolphins.


Suzy said...

Love your ABC's! Do you ever head to Albany for any races?

Suzy said...

There are a lot of races in the Albany area! The biggest coming up is Freihofer's Run for Women, a 5K. It brings in an elite field plus ~4,000 women to run! Other than that, there are races every weekend it seems.

Kayla said...

I am one of those annoying people who can't make decisions. haha

Terri said...

Love your ABC's!

Penny said...

Great ABC's. I too am one of those people that can't make up her mind.