Think Summer!

todays quote

"The key to body confidence is to concentrate on something positive about yourself instead of fixating on the flaws"

so show yourself some love today. Embrace what you love. Work to fix what you don't. Remember that a love your body attitude makes a difference in how you view your entire self.

Yesterday I did my run & finished my cupcake half marathon miles (recap to follow soon).  My back had been bothering me though, so I skipped lifting to get a good stretch in. This morning, sleep trumped my swim. Onward to tomorrow, I have a killer trainer ride planned, and am hoping to make up some strength training and Ab work from the week. Sunday is long run day.

Tonight = super relaxing. Sushi takeout, blog reading/writing, and a redbox movie. love it.

Thinking about summer vacay plans, we have a bunch of options, no decisions...
1. Use the "free" cruise we got at the timeshare hell 
2. Go back to Mexico! we loved our time there.
3. Go on a different cruise and save the "free" one
4. Somewhere else in the Caribbean
5. Anyone else have any ideas?

We love to be active, but mostly lay around & relax by a pool or beach. There should be plenty of cocktails available nearby.

Also have been thinking about Hypnosis. A ton (like 6) coworkers of mine went to a hypnotist for weight loss a little while back, and they look freaking a-maze-ing. I am beyond jealous. Maybe a hypnotist would give me the willpower I need?

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Wells L said...

Hypnotist - hmmm, what could it hurt? if you do it, will you tell me all about it? Enjoy your relaxation to the maximation tonight - you deserve the mental and physical break!