Disney Part 1....

Saturday early afternoon my 2 girlfriends and I touched down in Orlando to a sunny, beautiful 86 degrees. A million times better than the snow and ice making its way to massachusetts. Myself & A were running the race, and Barbie was cheering us on after learning she was pregnant a few months ago. After a snafu with our magical express bus breaking down, we were heading to our hotel at the beautiful Boardwalk!

We had carefully picked our hotel. There were only certain hotels that were host hotels, but we purposely picked the Boardwalk since it was within walking distance of Epcot. Little did we know, that that entry was a back gate by France, that we would not be able to access Sunday morning. Thank goodness our hotel said they would be having a shuttle in the morning anyways. Also lucky for us was Team in Training was at the Beach & Yacht club so they let us hitch a ride to the expo. 

The Expo?

Lets just say, after last year's marathon weekend expo, and this year's RnR New Orleans expo, I was not impressed. I felt like it was very small, the race bags lacked anything special, and the official race merchandise was mediocre at best. There wasn't a ton of variety, or anything really cute I was tempted to buy. I did love the technical t-shirt that came with our race bags, super cute! I guess the good thing was, I saved a lot of money at the expo?

The one thing I couldn't resist, was a company I found called Running Princess. I got the most fabulous visor, and technical T that I am in love with!

Across the top it says "You'll never know what your are really made of until you TRI"

We also got some information on a few races that looked fabulous, and are now considering
either in Long Island, NY or San Juan
champange, flowers and your race bling given to you by hot firefighters? HELLOOO sign me up!
They also have Tiara & feather boa stations along the course. Could it get any more girly?


in St. petersburg, FL
Beautiful ocean view course, fabulous medal, and would be close to my Aunt!

We'll see which one we pick out for the future!

After the Expo, we headed out to dinner at Tony's in the Magic Kingdom for some delicious italian fare. I gobbled down some chicken parm, a little pasta & about 10 glasses of water. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the race in the morning. When we went to confirm the location of the bus for the morning, they told us they changed their mind and there was now no shuttle. The best way to get there would be a taxi. Wicked annoying, but we called to book one anyways. We laid out our clothes, made our plans for meetup with Barbie after the race. A was in corral A and I was in B (I still can't believe I was in the 2nd corral), and she was hoping to finish in a little under 2 hours. My plan was to not worry about time, but just to have fun. I projected my finish around 2:45 to 3 hours.

Just wait until you hear the rest!


Tricia said...

looking forward to part 2!

Karen said...

Sorry the Expo was a disappointment! :0( Love your new hat! I have a friend that runs St. Pete and she LOVES it! She highly recommends it!! :0) Can't wait to hear more!

Sheridan Lee said...

Love the hat!

Wells L said...

I can't wait to hear (read) more. Sounds like a bunch of adventures so far. Bummer about the expo. If Disney can't do it up big then dang!

I ran the Women's Half at St. Pete last year. It was an alright race. The "ultimate goody bag" sucked BIG TIME!!!!! The course is mixed with awesomeness and a tremendous amount of boringness. It got 17 degrees hotter while we were running which was a major factor for us folks from Northern Indiana where the home temps were only like 20-30 degrees. I would probably do the race again, but I definitely don't think I could recommend it to someone as being "all that". The race was nice, but the post race was very disappointing (they were long out of cookies by the time we finished). The medal is cool! Just my thought, but the Diva race seems WAY cooler than the WHM in St. Pete.

Shawn Becker said...

I can not wait to read part two! I think after you have been to a R&R expo, others would pale in comparison!

Carly said...

I swear that I just want to do one of these races so I can go to the expo. I'll have to make sure I find a good one!