Weekend recap

Eating did not go as planned. Someone, aka Kevin convinced to split cannoli & tiramisu at a fabulous bakery saturday night. Probably not the best night before a long run fuel. Oh well, it was gooood, and I figured I burned it off during my run saturday. How many calories are in a canoli anyways?

Saturday after work, we went for a ride. A little chilly, but manageable. We got home just as the sun was starting to set. phew! Saturday morning, S and I went for our long run. 9 miles turned into 9.12 when S got confused about our turning point. My right knee has been achy all week. It hurts more in sitting, when my knee is flexed, and was killer at points during our run. I am self-diagnosing myself with runners knee aka movie goers knee, aka patellafemoral pain syndrome. When you have a doctorate vaguely remember things from physical therapy school you are allowed to do that haha. Now I need to dig out my ortho books from college, since as a neuro PT, I don't deal with this type of thing too often.

I am lucky to say I won a Gu sampler pack from Dorothy @ Mile posts. I have never tried Gu before, so this will be an interesting trial run for me. Not sure how I will feel about the consistency of it, but I will definitely give it a go.

Iced my knee a lot today, and have been doing some transverse friction massage to my quadriceps tendon. I'm hoping I'll be okay to get some speedwork in tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!


Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

I love love GU! Most esp the Roctane kind. Makes me speedy =)

Lesley @ racingitoff.com said...

I love GU too... tried to chew during my last long run (shot bloks) and almost choked... takes some getting used to, but they are magic in a packet. I like the chocolate one... tastes like brownie batter.

Jason said...

GU is the way to go. I love the roctane ones especially the pineapple. The espresso is excellent to.

The Green Girl said...

Good luck, girl, I hope your knee behaves!

Lisa said...

I had an incredible canoli in Boston last August. usually I don't like the ricotta filling, but this one was so light it was delicious! Sorry to hear about your knee I hope you rest up and it gets better soon!