its been a few..... (Jessica's Gifts winner too!)

Sundays long run? well the first 6 or 7 miles felt awesome, then my knee started killing me. We had to stop & walk several times. So discouraging! I think part of the problem was my calf and hamstring were tight. I reallly need to start stretching more. My longrun parter, S, has decided to run RnR New Orleans as well!! She convinced one of our other girlfriends to fly out with her, so it will be a good group of us running now. so excited!!

Missed monday and todays gym time. Drama with my relationship again is to blame. It seems like the arguing has been nonstop, all on the same topic. He cannot be bothered to make a decision on when to tell our families about our wedding date and start planning. He says it doesn't feel right, right now. Did I mention the wedding date is less than 8 months away, and this is the second one we've had? I've seriously had it with his indecisiveness.

Tonight after work, I decided cleaning & decorating were needed. I did a much needed cleaning of the downstairs, followed by christmas decorations & putting up the tree. Love my 3 piece fakie from Target :)

Jessica's gifts winner? 
that would be Kandyce @ Konfessions from Kandyce! Please email me at sgrigely at hotmail dot com with your address, and I'll get it out to you!

look for a great new giveaway tomorrow! wish me luck getting my ass to the gym in the morning!


Wells L said...

Sorry to hear about your knee, and dude's indecisiveness. Hang in there -both will get better!

Jana said...

Are you doing enough strength training? Knee issues SUUUUUCK and I used to have problems with that too. Maybe you need new shoes?

I understand your frustration with the boy. My husband didn't tell any of his coworkers he was engaged until about 3 months before our wedding.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I'm sorry to hear about your knee. That is absolutely no fun!

Re: the relationship. I don't know the history, but I'd be having some doubts about the guy. What gives?

The Green Girl said...

Urgh, I'm so sorry about your knee. ::hugs::

Stephanie Anne said...

I do need to do more strength training, and it is probably just about time to switch into my new 2160s.....

Lori- weve been together 6 years, and he has anxiety issues that increased when his mom had a head injury a few years ago. He just gets super anxious about making the switch from dating life to married life!