Turkey Day Plans

Not a real post since Saturday, lots to catch up on!

Sunday was long run day & the first day out with the Garmin 405! S & I headed out for 11 miles, pretty chilly out. I had my tights & even gloves on, my Bondi Band pulled over my ears. First of all having the Garmin was AWESOME. I loved knowing how far into the run I was, and what my pace was at. The only thing I didn't like, was the bezel was so sensitive! Every time it touched my sleeve, it changed from the time/pace/distance screen to totally random screens. I think there is a way to make the Bezel less sensitive, so I need to figure it out. I thought about locking the screen, but I wanted to be able to switch & check out my heart rate every now & then. Even better? All the stats on my computer after the run! I was amazed at how awesome it was to see each mile split, heart rates, maps, elevation, sooo cool. It will totally be a great way to track progress & motivate me to work harder. I can't wait to use it at the road race tomorrow!

After the run & church, I wanted to make Finnish pancakes for lunch. I have been craving these forever. If your not familiar with them, they are basically eggs, butter, sugar, flour, baked in the oven. Unfortunately the first batch, my fake pyrex baking pan exploded in my stove coating the inside with glass & pancakes. Ughhh! Spent over an hour cleaning, then finally made a new batch with a pyrex dish from my mom's house. They were worth it!

Monday I was sore, but managed a cross train & MAJOR stretching day. Tuesday, I got in all of my speedwork run, and today I slept in & skipped the gym. My legs are feeling good, and I can't wait for my race tomorrow!

Tomorrow I am aiming to beat my last years time. I would really like to blow it out of the water. For this run last year, 5 miles was the longest I had run in months, and I was "training" for the Disney Half Marathon in January! It's amazing how things have changed this year. My Halfs are a month further in the distance and I am kicking ass with the distances with my longest being 11 miles this past weekend. The race is officially 4.75 miles, and last year I did it in 53:12. My Ultimate goal is to beat that by 5 min, not sure if this is possible though. Realistic goal? I think definitely under 51. I just will go out & PUSH IT!

After the race is thanksgiving! We are doing dinner at my mom's house with mine & Kevin's family. I'm in charge of sweet potatoes & cranberry sauce, I'll try to post recipes later. Unfortunately hospitals don't close, so I am working on friday. oh well, at least I have a long weekend next weekend!

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Good luck to everyone in their turkey trots & Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

Wow thanksgiving after the race. perfect timing! Have fun!

chaco sandals said...

Happy thanksgiving!!!

Wells L said...

Good luck in your turkey trot and Happy Thanksgiving!