Three Things Thursday

I haven't been around bloggy world long enough to know who came up with this, where or why it originated. I'm having trouble thinking of a blog post tonight, so this will be short & sweet. Although, I do like the idea of throwback thursdays as well! haha I know I have plenty of ridiculous pictures of me from the past!

Kevin & I at Disney. The day I decided I wanted to learn to run. Look How chubby I am! Over 205 there!

1. Katye @ Long Legs on The Loose is fundraising for the Boston Marathon for Down Syndrome Awareness HERE. Kevin's brother has down syndrome, he is great and we love him! Please visit her page & help support her cause! (she has some AMAZING prizes to win too!)

2. After 4 months of trying, I was finally able to transfer videos of my stroke patients from my video camera onto a computer! So excited to have it taken care of, and it was great to re-watch all the progress they made with me tonight.

3. I skipped my tempo run this morning. I'm aiming for tomorrow instead.


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chris mcpeake said...

good luck getting the tempo in. Will check out the linked page for sure