Shutterfly cards

I love holiday cards. Love addressing the envelopes and sending well wishes to family and friends.

When I was younger, my mom would always drag my brother, sister and I down to JC Penny's to wait for a photographer to snap a shot of us well before thanksgiving, in our stuffy christmas outfits, and wait ages for the photo cards to be delivered to us. My mom would also write out a long, detailed letter, bragging to everyone we knew about all of our accomplishments for the year.

I like to let people know how or what I'm up to, but in a more subtle way. I wanted to design a christmas card that had multiple pictures to show off what Kevin & I have been up to all year. After visiting Shutterfly HERE to check out what they had, I found the perfect card!

Red Sox, Disney & Halloween!
Originally, I liked the idea of a 7 photo spread with individual pictures of us too, but decided I wanted something a little more clean. There were plenty of options to choose from, 1 picture to 7+ pictures, all wicked cute!

Having a holiday party? Shutterfly can even help make invitations easier, by having a ton of fabulous designs to choose from HERE. Its always easier to have one less thing to stress over during the holidays. Making gifts is easy too, by checking out their photo gift page HERE. I made snapbooks for my girlfriends last year of all the fun times we had over the previous year. What a perfect way to capture all the race shots for your favorite runner/ triathlete!

 Bloggers! Get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly at:


Jana said...

I must say.... I love the plug about Shutterfly My big brother works for Shutterfly! :)

Aimee said...

I like Shutterfly too!

The Green Girl said...

I love sending out cards, too!

The card you made is awesome.