That time of year...

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Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake-up Light, WhiteIts the time of year again creeping up that I hate. Winter. I probably shouldn't live in New England, but unfortunately moving will never be is not right now an option. Kevin likes snowboarding, and all things winter, and I don't think I'll ever successfully drag him away. The thing I hate right now? Waking up to darkness, going to the gym in darkness, and returning from the gym in darkness. I hate that it doesn't start to get light until about 7am. It makes it soooo hard to drag my ass out of bed and get moving. I am imagining soon it will be dark when I leave work, and I will want to immediately want to get in pajamas and take a coma on the couch. I need to figure out a way to beat this since my race training will be throughout the winter. I've heard rumors that there is such thing as a clock that wakes you up with sunshine, not sure how I feel about it or if it really exists. What do you do to keep doing through the depressing darkness?

My speedwork run was awesome yesterday. The first speedwork that I didn't die need an unauthorized rest. I was supposed to do a Rev Abs workout when I got home, but I got home from work late and was not motivated at all. This morning I skipped a cross training session (my legs are still feeling sore!), and I'll do the Rev Abs tonight. I did my first video monday, and as far as fitness videos go, I was impressed! First of all, the Rev Abs guy, Brett Hoebel, has an AMAZING & I mean FREAKING AMAZING set of Abs. WOW. and he was energetic and kept me going the whole time. I was pretty impressed, not to mention tired by the end, and I burned a little over 300 calories, sweet! I'll keep at it, sticking to their schedule as best as I can. I'll be the Rev Abs review for the average person who has a life and can't dedicate it to one workout religiously.

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Jaime said...

a few years ago I set my lamp to a timer and had it turn on a few minutes before my alarm. It helped me wake up in the winter- I should do this again!

Aimee said...

It's getting really dark here too. I've been trying to get up at 4:30AM to go swimming, but I have slept in several days this week instead! :)
I wish I had a tip to beat the darkness blahs, but I get them too!

Jen (Triathlete Within) said...

I'm dreading the dark days and lack of sunshine too. I already started taking Vitamin D! A sunshine alarm....that would be amazing!

Wells L said...

I too hate the darkness . . . wonder how I would feel about it if it were combined with warmer temps (maybe it's the combo of cold temps and darkness that is extra depressing???). Anyway, I feel ya!

As Jaime commented, I have often set a lamp to come on about 15 minutes before I have to wake up - works GREAT! As far as an alarm clock that has a "sunrise" - I used to teach at the Deaf school and the Deaf have similar products.

Good luck - and here's to a quick winter and longer days (Dec 21 is the winter solstice right??? Come on 12/22!)