High School You

Last night, my dad was inducted into the athletic hall of fame at his high school. Our high school, I guess you could say. My dad was a killer golfer and hockey player in high school and is currently a golf pro playing in lot of tournaments & working hard at his golf course, and working his way toward the senior PGA tour. I was so proud to see him up there, and hear about all his high school accomplishments. It made me start to think of my athletic abilities (or lack of) in high school.

I was never into sports. In kindergarden, I was the girl that stood on the field braiding hair and watching the ball go by. When I was 4 I started dance classes, and when I was 7 I discovered cheerleading. I continued with cheerleading from age 7 to age 19, cheering at middle school, high school, and a year of college. I loved it, but cheerleading at my high school was not an intense sport, requiring extreme fitness. I was the girl that said "cheerleaders don't run," when my coach tried to get us to run laps. I was a "base" for all the stunts, throwing the smaller girls up in the air. I was good, and I loved it, but I was heavy. I never weighed myself (probably would have died from the shock), but I'm thinking I must have topped off around 220 or 230. yikes.

My high school cheer outfit
I was overweight, and had really bad self confidence. Luckily in college I worked myself out of that funk, and discovered that I actually enjoyed running after graduating from grad school. If only I had taken it up earlier. I wonder what my life may have been like if I knew I liked to run back then. Would I have looked different? Had different friends? loved myself more?

Team mates at cheer camp (I'm far right)

What were you like in high school? Do you look back wishing things were different, or look back happily at the time you spent there?

I'm happy for the person I've become, what I've changed into with running along the way. In high school I never in a million years would think that one day I would run half marathons & complete triathlons. I would have died laughing if someone told me that. I'm proud of the person that I am today, and I look forward to what the future holds for my new athletic sense of adventure!


Lisa said...

HS was such a long time ago. There are many things I wish I had done differently, looking back, but I think I did the best that I could at at time. We're just soooo young in HS!

Kristin said...

I too was overweight in High School. I played sports though. Its just my parents have and still have poor eating habits which rubbed off on me. Sure I got picked on, but I see that all is irrelevent to who I've become. It just made me that much stronger

Lesley @ racingitoff.com said...

I was a big nerd in high school and always the last picked for teams because I was completely uncoordinated and unathletic. So awesome how far so many of us have come in the bloggy world. Congrats on your journey!

Anonymous said...

I was not popular or unpopular in high school. I was incredibly shy and pretty much took part in nothing. I wish I'd have done things differently, but I know it was not in my power to do it differently. But I am trying to help my son do things differently. I'll live vicariously through him. :) Kudos to your dad!

Jana said...

I have been thinking about this all day. I was shy, overweight and not athletic in high school. But I wouldn't change a single thing.

I think about how those experience shaped me into the person that I am today. I think of how many people I have inspired in the last year and I don't think that would have been the case if I was athletic and skinny in high school.

I am the same though.... if you would have asked me in high school if I would run a marathon in my 20's I would have said, "how far is a marathon" followed by "hell no"

26.2 on 6.18.11! :)