When bike love isn't enough...

Want some laughter in your day? Check out some of my race shots from sunday's triathlon...

I look ready to eat my armpit!

yikes! I thought I had been working on my form... I guess not!

Holy cleavage!

The only cute one!

Most race action shots are horribly unflattering in my case. Although I think triathlon is particularly unforgiving with tighter clothes, wetsuits, water, and that badass feeling that you have got to plow through 3 sports to the finish line.

After my last post on that killer bike ride, I loved all the comments you left me! It really made me feel like going on the group ride was the right decision, and that I will definitely make it a regular occurrence. Some of you are training for your first triathlon, or thinking of doing one, or wondering how you'd ride a bike. Once upon a time, I was there too (and it wasn't that long ago)!

I got my bike 2 years ago. Prior to that, the last bike I owned was a splatter painted Huffy in middle school. I hadn't ridden a bike in 10+ years, except for the occasional casual ride on vacation (once I think at Cape Cod). Kevin and I decided to buy bikes, and I figured since one day I would like to do a triathlon, I should get a road bike. We spent a couple weeks looking between the two bike shops in town, and finally I settled on my white & pink Specialized dolce elite

I remember the first ride we went on. I had no fancy pedals or shoes, instead my running shoes and flat pedals were what I had to work with. My only extra gear was my helmet, water bottle, and padded shorts (I was told by a friend they were a necessity). I didn't even know how to shift gears, what made it harder, what made it easier, I made it up as I went. I got frustrated going downhill when I couldn't pedal & my feet would fly around, and angry that I couldn't get up hills without a struggle (that part hasn't changed). I remember wondering how in the world I would ever do a triathlon. I dedicated the first year to figuring out my bike (somewhat), which is definitely not a necessary step, but what I thought was best for me.

I had foot surgery last April, and rode once before it. While I was healing, I mostly dreamed of running, but I also longed for my bike. I started this blog while I was healing from surgery, and in my immobile stupor, I decided what my comeback race would be. I didn't just need to do a 5K, I would do a triathlon. I mean, swimming and biking are low impact activities, right? Plus I had spent a lot of time on the recumbent bike at the gym, keeping weight off my foot. Once my incision healed completely I started swimming, and after 3 months started with slow jogging, and rides. I became more comfortable with my bike, and a few weeks before race time I added my new pedals and shoes to the mix. Not to jinx myself, but I have not fallen off once (almost did monday night).

Now I love the bike. All winter long, I craved to ride. I don't think it will ever overtake my love of running, but I do get more rides in than swims, so I think its a close second.


Whitney said...

Funny story...for my first tri I had on a light pink sports bra underneath a cycling jersey. I had the jersey unzipped as a photo was taken. I posted the photo on Facebook and a friend made a comment to the effect of "holy boobs" because you couldn't tell I had the sports bra on. Lesson learned from that race pic! My only tip is take the swim cap off as you stand up in the water...no one looks good in a swim cap!

The Green Girl said...

::giggles:: Love that self of humor, girl!

Running Ricig said...

"holy cleavage" love it. I feel like race pictures are never very flattering, especially if you're working hard to be awesome!

chris mcpeake said...

I have yet to see a decent race photo of myself.
your turned out pretty good

Run with Jess said...

We're always to hard on ourselves - I think your pictures are GREAT!! I'm so scared to do a Tri - you're awesome!

Mary-Michael said...

Pictures are great! Congratulations! I've never done a Tri and am not sure I could handle it. It looks like you had a fun race though.
I think running tends to be the most flattering/photogenic of the three sports. haha.
My boss is 53 and does triathalons. He always comments that his age group tends to do the best time-wise because they can afford the super-elite bikes. haha.

Karen said...

I love the pictures. I for one know that I couldn't do the swimming portion...so awesome job!!! :0)