Fab day!

Having a great day today!

Awesome speedwork run this morning.

Lost 1.6 pounds at my first at work WW weigh in

Got a HUGE raise, just because my boss thought I deserved more money (sweeeeettt!!)

Went to the mall & found a dress to possibly wear to a wedding on saturday

Came home to find my iFitness belt I won from Kayla in my mailbox!

What was the best part of your day?


Julia @ The Bosky Blog said...

sounds like an awesome day!!!

Best part of my day: hill repeats, how sad?

Enjoy the raise!

Karen said...

Wow you had an amazing day!!! :0) Congrats on the raise! That's awesome!

Penny said...

Congrats on getting you ifitness belt. The raise is awesome. I wish I could say I had a great day, but not. Hoping tomorrow is better. We all deserve some good news. Congrat again Girl.

Wells L said...

That does, indeed, sound like a GREAT day! The best part of my day was that it was my 5th in a row off (extra extra long holiday weekend).

Kayla said...

Yay!!! Thats awesome about the raise! So glad you got your belt! Enjoy :)

Megan said...

Wow, that is such a fantastic day! I'm not sure what mine was, but I had a fantastic weekend! The husband got a new job closer to family, yay!

Running Ricig said...


Lisa said...

nice day indeed. sweet belt too.