check, check, check!

I accomplished a few important things this weekend (some with the man's help)

Hung up new blinds in the dining room

Hung up a new coatrack

Killed a 10 mile run

The run felt great, especially since I haven't worked out really all week. I'm not even sore and I love it. I am praying that the rain doesn't keep me sleeping in and skipping workouts. Weight Watchers at work starts tuesday, so I'm really hoping to stay focused on the nutrition piece. 

My goals for now?
1. Sleep 7-8 hours every night
2. Cook 2 healthy dinners a week
3. Plan and track all my food
4. Workout at least 5 days a week

Bedtime soon, for a swim in the morning!


Wells L said...

Your blinds and coat rack look really good!!!
Fantastic job on your 10 miler - woot!

Anonymous said...

nice run!

The Green Girl said...

Nice job, girl! Love productive weekends.

Running Ricig said...

productive weekends are the best! way to be!

Penny said...

Love those blinds. Great run .